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Soulstrology Posts

Saturn direct September 6 2018: Learning from the past

Ambi Sitham

Lessons from the cosmic life coach....

Lessons from the cosmic life coach....

Hello lovely ones and happy Thursday!

I hope September is treating you well so far....

Things are going to pick up significantly this month and today, cosmic life coach Saturn turns direct at 2 degrees of Capricorn.

Saturn turned retrograde earlier this year on April 17 and you may recall that the Soulstrology theme for 2018's Saturn retrograde was karmic contracts and responsibilities.

The Saturn in Capricorn transit which started last December 2017 at the Winter Solstice is still very much in the early stages with the cosmic taskmaster only having reached 9 degrees of Capricorn before turning retrograde.

During his retrograde he went back over 7 degrees of Capricorn resulting in him turning direct today at 2 degrees of Capricorn.

The first year of any Saturn transit brings lessons and tests.

It shows us what the headmaster of the zodiac has decided we need to correct in order to move forward upon a firm foundation and ultimately to success and the achievement of goals in whatever life area Saturn is transiting in our charts.

In Capricorn (the natural home place of Saturn) the intensity of the tests and the lessons has been exacerbated.

There is a distinctly karmic feel to events occurring within the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts and therefore lives.

During this retrograde this energy would have been amped up.

We may have faced difficulties, disappointments or delays in the Capricorn ruled parts of our charts.

But none of this is a punishment, but rather us being pushed.

Pushed to create proper firm foundations for long lasting soulful success in our lives.

Now that Saturn has turned direct, we will find it easier to make progress in the Capricorn ruled parts of our lives (and generally speaking with regards to our careers and career goals/ambitions as in the natural zodiac Capricorn is ruler of the tenth house of career/success/status).

However we will only be able to move forwards properly if we integrate lessons from the past four and a half months of Saturn's retrograde.

So, a little cosmic coaching homework for you....answer the following questions honestly taking into consideration the life areas ruled by Capricorn in your unique chart (Soulstrology zodiac guide for Saturn in Capricorn is below for your ease) as well as considering the natural zodiac themes of Capricorn (career/success/status).

  1. What delays, difficulties or disappointments have I experienced in the Capricorn ruled ares of life in my chart and the natural zodiac?
  2. What lessons have I learnt and how can I integrate these lessons into my life (read next question which will help you answer the integration aspect!)
  3. How do I limit myself in these areas of life and how can I stop?
  4. What changes do I need to make in these areas of life so I can be building from a firmer foundation?
  5. What am I prepared to sacrifice in order to achieve my goals in these areas of life?

Remember, success is ours for the taking but we need to learn from the past if we are to create the future of our dreams...

Love to hear your questions or comments on this Saturn in Capricorn transit, the retrograde and so on which I can answer below if you leave your comment or question on this blog.

Back at the weekend with your New Moon blog and Soulstrology Scopes!


Ambi x


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Taurus: Higher education, spirituality, foreign places or people, travel, legal matters, publishing

Gemini: Joint finances, sex, transformation and merging

Cancer: Close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

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