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Soulstrology Posts

Leo Lunar Eclipse January 2019: Fiery Finalities

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon/lunar eclipse!

The first Full Moon of 2019 is a super blood moon total lunar eclipse which takes place at zero degrees of the sign of Leo and begins at 6.30pm ish PT this Sunday January 20 with the maximum eclipse at 9.15pm PT and finishes just before midnight (adjust all of these timings for your timezone).

This Leo lunar eclipse marks the end of the Leo/Aquarius set of eclipses which began in February 2017 and saw a set of eclipses in the Leo/Aquarius axis every six months since.

Soulstrology tells us that this Leo lunar eclipse is one of the most powerful lunar events of the year because it is a super blood moon total eclipse meaning the Moon is closer to the Earth than at usual Full Moons and because of its celestial significance in wrapping up a chapter in the Leo/Aquarius axis areas of life in each of our unique charts, added to which it is at what is known as the critical degree (meaning the energies are super potent) of zero degrees of Leo!

For the purposes of this eclipse we will naturally be focusing more on the Leo ruled themes as this eclipse marks the end of some beginning which was set in motion in our lives in 2017.

We are all probably aware of what Leo rules in the natural zodiac but let us refresh our memories right now as these themes/life areas will be coming up for each of us at this time, regardless of our zodiac sign.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, a fixed fire sign which is ruled by the Sun.

In the natural zodiac Leo rules self-expression and pleasure, how we express ourselves and let our unique light shine, how we have fun (so hobbies, socializing etc), how we love and how we enjoy romance in our lives. Leo also rules children and this can mean our own inner child as well as of course children in our lives (children we have, other people’s children, children we wish to have).

If you look back to 2017 - and specifically to August 2017 where we had two Leo New Moons in one month, one of which was a total solar eclipse - you will notice where, regardless of your zodiac sign you may have experienced big shifts in your life in relation to the above areas of life.

Now, with this zero degrees super blood moon total Leo lunar eclipse we have the end of an era of change and the ushering in of a new chapter of life and new era in relation to areas of life ruled by regal Leo.

Of course this eclipse will be triggering different parts of each of our lives and you can look at exactly where you have zero degrees of Leo (and especially any planets which are between zero – four degrees of Leo) to see exactly where this eclipse is falling in your chart and therefore the life areas it is triggering.

But nonetheless, remember that for the purposes of our Soulstrology work, we need to focus on wherever Leo is found in our charts.

For your ease, I include a Soulstrology zodiac guide to this Leo lunar eclipse which can be found at the bottom of this post.

Read for both your Sun and Rising sign to see the life areas which are at play at this lunar eclipse and of course make sure to look at any planets you have in Leo as the themes and life areas governed by those planets would have been triggered over the last two years of these eclipses.

Let us turn now to the specifics of this Leo lunar eclipse and the energies we can expect to experience at this time and how best we can navigate the eclipse to set up for this new chapter.

As we all probably know by now, eclipses are somewhat of game changers. They are amped up New or Full Moons which bring big (and quite final) shifts in our lives.

Eclipses bring change whether we are ready for it, or not.

If we are willing and keen to jump into a new phase of life, eclipses give us assistance by bringing the chance encounter or sudden event, that help us take the leap we need to - both internally and externally.

If we are a bit stuck and our lives are a bit stagnant, or perhaps we are internally unwilling to face certain realities or situations, then eclipses are the universe’s way of shaking things up.

Sometimes this can feel as though the rug has been pulled out from underneath us when a sudden event takes place which we didn’t see coming and which has us feeling blindsided.

Either way, no matter how it may present itself, or feel, the changes at an eclipse are usually ultimately for our highest good, and part of a divine plan.

Now when you look at this particular Leo eclipse you will see that there are a number of celestial configurations which take place at this time which create a very electric, unpredictable energy.

Expect the unexpected

The Full Moon squares Uranus who is slowly making his way back out of Aries and into Taurus.

Uranus is all about sudden change, the world turning upside down, an electric, unpredictable energy which can be disorientating and discombobulating.

The Moon’s square to Uranus in Aries (Aries in the natural zodiac rules the self – our identity, appearance etc) can play out in a number of different ways.

We could have strong emotional moon swings (hello, general Full Moon vibes amplified by a Super blood total lunar eclipse!!) and somehow experience sudden changes which we may feel impacts the very essence of who we are.

This could play out more internally (and emotionally) or, more externally, through our interactions with others (note, as always at Full Moons, we need to watch out for our interactions with others and even more so at this one, which can have everyone feeling all the feels)

Mercury also squares Uranus at the eclipse (and opposes the Full Moon) adding to the unpredictable and tense energy at this time which could manifest externally through the form of communication (Mercury rules the mind and communication).

Perhaps it is your mind that feels like scrambled eggs, or on the more positive side, has a sudden insight/flash of genius (Uranus rules creativity and innovation!)

But this could also play out as hearing from someone out the blue, or receiving a communication which is shocking.

Perhaps it’s a message or email you receive or a conversation you have, either way it may be jarring in some way (if this eclipse is shaking stagnancy out of the way for you) or electrifyingly exciting!

Fate and destiny


There is a fated feel to this eclipse as a result of the placement of the Moon’s nodes.

The lunar nodes (South and North nodes) are only four degrees away from the Sun and Moon bringing their energies of past life karma and present life destiny into play.

Soulstrology tells us that this aspect of the lunar nodes, combined with the fact that this is the final in the Leo/Aquarius set of eclipse and at that all powerful critical zero degrees, tells us that this lunar eclipse is karmic and fated.

What happens at this time in any of our lives is not a cosmic coincidence. It is karma and fate playing out in our lives.

Whether we deem it good or bad, it is ultimately what is supposed to happen….

So there you have it.

This game changer of a potent eclipse is going to shake up our lives and push us into a new chapter….

It brings fiery finalities due to all the tense aspects which I have discussed above, but this finality is ultimately to allow us to embark upon a new era in relation to the areas of life ruled by Leo.

It’s exciting, albeit perhaps a little unsettling…

As always, the intensity of any Full Moon increases in the lead up to the Moon reaching maximum fullness.

So be kind to yourself, listen to what your mind, body and soul needs and honor that.

Listen to a Soulstrology Soundbath or two (I am finding Chiron and Mercury particularly useful) and hang tight as your Soulstrology Scopes (with ritual!) are coming later this evening…


Ambi x




  • Aries - love and romance, children - yours and/or others, fun, self-expression and creativity

  • Taurus- who what and where you consider home, family, your childhood, domestic life

  • Gemini - your mind, communication, your voice in all formats - including related projects, siblings, neighbors, short trips

  • Cancer - your income, your possessions, your personal finances, your values (who and what you value in life) and your self-esteem

  • Leo - your identity, the very essence of who you are, how people see you/your appearance

  • Virgo - healing and hibernation, secrets, your subconscious mind, secret projects, what you keep hidden (including the hidden you) endings and completion

  • Libra - your tribe, friendships, groups you belong to, causes you support, your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

  • Scorpio - success, career, ambition, your status, your public legacy

  • Sagittarius - spirituality/religion/higher learning, legal matters, travel, foreign places and people

  • Capricorn - joint projects and finances, merging, sex and transformation that comes through merging

  • Aquarius - partnerships and close relationships of all sorts - romantic, platonic and professional.

  • Pisces - your daily routine/lifestyle and health - mind/body/soul