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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Aries January 2 – February 14th 2019

Ambi Sitham @alexandria.astrology on IG @alexandria.astrology on IG

Happy New Year everyone!

As you know we are in the thick of Capricorn season, with a New Moon/Solar eclipse in Capricorn awaiting us and to add to all the powerful energies, today Mars moves into Aries to assist us with starting this New Year off as we mean to go on!

I am thrilled to share with you today a guest post from a fellow Soulstrologer – the wonderful Alexandria ‘Lexie’ Rollet of Alexandria Astrology.

Lexie approached me last year about a Soulstrology mentorship and studied with me for several months. She is a highly intuitive and practical astrologer who is truly part of the Soulstrology tribe and I am honored to share her insights with our Soulstrology community.

Check Lexie out via her website and Instagram and if you need some clarity for the year ahead then consider booking a reading with this powerful Soulstrologer! 


 Ambi x

 January 2019 is one of the most exciting months of the new year. Not just because of how our society looks at the start of a new year; resolutions, goal-setting, and new beginnings. “New Year, new me!” Astrologically, we are being surrounded by the most ideal “New Beginning Energy” we could possibly ask for. We will have 5 planets in Capricorn within the first 6 days of January, and if that wasn’t enough, Mars will be in its home of Aries. In this article, I will explore the implications that Mars in Aries will bring out for us as a community, as well as individually, and how this couples quite nicely with all of the Capricorn energy we have at play. 

 First, what does Mars represent astrologically? Mars is the energy planet, it’s the great manifester, it’s war, it’s sexual, it’s drive, it’s ambition, it’s willpower, and it’s assertive. When Mars is in it’s home of Aries, it becomes stronger and more pure in it’s expression. If your Natal Mars is in Aries, you most certainly will feel aligned with what I’m about to explain. The energy that will be present for us from January 2nd until February 14th is that of action! Perfect for the start of a new year! 

 We will experience a higher confidence level to attack our new goals with great fervor and force. We will be able to assert ourselves more profoundly and directly, especially if this isn’t in your typical nature. And if it is? Well everyone else better look out because you’re going to be charging into the new year like the determined Ram you are! Along with this confidence we could become more domineering than we might have previously been. In some cases this could be very helpful but in others, it could be too much. 

 Think of the Ram. The Ram charges head-on into battle with its enemies without fear of consequence. It’s pure, it’s honest, it’s courageous, and it’s tactless. Yes, we will have all of this “doing energy” and we will have the confidence to start and create what we want, and yes, we will be more aggressively attacking our goals than we usually would be. But, we must be on the lookout for lack of tact, being combative, and overly blunt. Again, this can be useful in some situations, but in others, not so much.

 Use the Capricorn energy in the first week of the month to make your plans, lay the foundation, and get laser-focused on the items you truly want to accomplish this year. If you have a New Moon practice, absolutely continue that on January 5th with the Capricorn New Moon. If you don’t have a New Moon practice but want to start one, this is the perfect one to start on! It is incredibly important to get really solid in your focus for the year because Mars in Aries, if left to its own devices, will pull you in many different directions, starting hundreds of new projects just to leave them unfinished. Thank the heavens for all that Capricorn energy, keeping you on a productive track!

 If you’re not exactly sure where your focus should be, find your Sun Sign and Rising Sign below to get a feel for what Mars will be activating for you. 

 Aries - With Mars in your corner, your energy increases tenfold. Impulsivity increases, independence increases, optimism becomes more pronounced, confidence levels rise, and your need to get stuff done becomes insatiable. There will be quite a bit of energy around defining who you are and your place in this world. Oh yeah, your sexual energy just might be through the roof!

 Taurus - Mars is pulling you inward to your own thoughts, desires, and the secret world you keep in your mind. Your intuition will have more power, you just have to trust it. Use this time to be a bit more introspective. Do the inner work you know you’ve been needing to do, and emerge on the other side better for it and ready to create what you want to create.

 Gemini - Communicative as you are, Mars wants you to direct your energy to your communities and your tribe. Mars is asking you to step into your leadership role among these groups. You will also experience a surge in the dream you have for your life. More energy to pursue those dreams and perhaps to give them a refresh. Be on the lookout for a higher urge to argue with others. This rarely makes situations better. 

 Cancer - With all those planets in your opposite sign of Capricorn, you may feel pulled to explore areas of yourself you didn’t think existed. And you know what? Mars is here to bring your focus outside of yourself and into your career and your public self. You have the green light to focus on your career, step into your true leadership, be a little selfish and competitive. However, hard work does take time to pay off. Don’t get frustrated if and when you don’t see immediate return.

 Leo - Your sign isn’t always described as being open-minded but the start of 2019 is giving you some fresh eyes. You’ll feel more explorative mind, body, and spirit. If someone challenges your beliefs, they better expect to receive your wrath. Traveling and making travel plans will bring some excitement to you. Go with that energy and see what you can dream up and plan for.

 Virgo - Healing, sex, and other people’s money. Mars is giving you energy in seemingly disconnected areas. Your sex drive is getting some much needed attention! But maybe what is most helpful is the drive to bring about some healing in your life. New year, less negativity, right? If you’re coupled or have important non-romantic partnerships, your shared funds (or the possibility of) may be under watch. Resist the urge to act impulsively and use a pragmatic approach to such a delicate topic.

 Libra - Your relationships may be under some stress. Mars is charging through your relationship sector which helps you turn your attention to them and refocus your energy to them if they’ve been neglected in the past. However, you’re also more likely to take note of your independence or lack-thereof within these relationships. Don’t impulsively cut anyone out during this time, but be aware of how these people are making you feel. Maybe after Mars leaves and you can think more pragmatically, it could be time to release some negative connections.

 Scorpio - This would be a wonderful time to get focused on health goals. Just make sure you tap into the Capricorn energy and establish a plan for the rest of year after Mars has moved away from your health sector. You’ll will have immense energy for your daily work, as well. This is fantastic for crushing goals and performing at high levels in your work. Just be sure to have a recharge every night or you may severely overwork yourself.

 Sagittarius - Oh boy is this an exciting time for you! Mars is increasing that impulsive spirit that lives inside you, as well as your competitive nature. Something to maybe look out for is a draw to be with many different people romantically and, uh, sexually. If you’re coupled already, your sex drive may increase to the point of almost making it a race. If you’re partner is on board, GREAT! Just make sure it’s fun for both sides. 

 Capricorn - Not only are there 5 planets in your sign, giving you the green light to make changes as you see fit, Mars is pulling the vast majority of your energy to your home life. Maybe there are some home projects that have been catching your eye or maybe you know you need to make it a point to spend more time at home than you have been. Whatever it is, just commit to being present and in the moment, resist engaging in arguments. 

 Aquarius - As if you needed a boost in mental activity, Mars is here to ramp it up even more! However, this month, you’re more likely to share your thoughts with others and test your powers of persuasion. Ideas and creativity will abound, but just don’t get too annoyed and defensive if someone doesn’t like your grand idea. 

 Pisces - Your earning potential will likely receive a breath of fresh energy! Mars will be giving you focus and determination in regards to your money and how you earn it, as well as raising some questions around what you value and stand for. Just be weary, you may have the drive to make money, but you’ll also have the drive to spend it.