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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Sagittarius January 8 – February 2nd

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Sagittarius.png

Happy Monday everyone!

I sooo enjoyed our first live online call this weekend. 

It felt so good to connect and share with you guys in this way (I know only a handful of you were on the live call, but I know many of you listened afterwards and I loved receiving your notes saying how much you enjoyed it!)

 So, stay tuned as I am planning more :) 

 Onwards now to this week in the cosmos which sees cosmic benefic Venus move into Sagittarius tomorrow.

 I am thrilled to share another guest post on this transit from fellow Soulstrologer Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology

Don’t forget to check Lexie out via her website and Instagram and if you need some clarity for the year ahead then consider booking a reading with this powerful Soulstrologer! 


Ambi x


An energetic breath of fresh air will fill our lungs when Venus moves out of intense Scorpio and enters fun-loving Sagittarius on January 8th, and it will remain there until February 2nd. Let’s all take a grounding breath in and out in solidarity knowing that our relationships will get a much needed break.

 Venus, as can be safely assumed, rules over love; but it also rules the beauty and harmony in our lives. It has an impact on how we earn and spend our money, as well as the values we carry about life and ourselves. Venus, much like the Moon, infuses our lives with feminine energy. However, the Moon is more motherly, whereas Venus is more of a delightful vixen. She wants to captivate her audience with any and all of the deliciously feminine tools she has available to her. 

 When Venus is in Sagittarius, Venus’ energy is permeated by light-heartedness, friendships, adventurous love, philosophical outlooks, and appreciation for travel. This isn’t particularly a time that you’ll feel overwhelmed with sexual energy, but you will definitely want to add more humor and adventure into your romantic relationships. In fact, all of your relationships will feel a little more like friendships, which is what Sagittarius is much more comfortable with - there’s less emotional baggage that way. 

 This is a wonderful time to take a new look at your values and see if your current philosophy still stands or if you should rework it. Sagittarius is one of the most accepting signs of other nationalities, belief-systems, and ways of thinking so this would be an excellent time to expand maybe even beyond your current physical borders. This may even lead you to actually travelling to those places to experience these new ideas in a fully immersed way. 

 Any planetary transit will take on some of the energy of the natural ruler of that sign. So in this case, Sagittarius is naturally ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Therefore, Venus is taking on a little bit of Jupiter’s energy, giving us more luck in our relationships, expanding our circles, expanding our minds, and giving us a chance to experience the benefits that travel can potentially have. This combination of energy is especially powerful because Jupiter is currently in it’s home of Sagittarius.

 An AMAZING thing will happen on January 22nd - Venus will meet up with Jupiter in the same exact place in Sagittarius! This could potentially be one of the most LUCKIEST day of the year! To find out how this transit is affecting you specifically and see where you might experience the most amount of luck on the 22nd, find your Sun sign and/or your Rising sign below:

 Aries - New ideas, places, and people will bring excitement to you this month. Generally speaking, these will bring a dose of luck for you. You may want to take a trip, big or small, just to establish balance and harmony back into your life after this holiday season has finally come to an end. 

 Taurus -  Venus is providing a refreshing approach to your sex life during this transit. The very close relationships you have with other people may be more lucrative this month than normal. If you’ve been meaning to do some long-term planning (i.e. what happens after you die?), this would be a great time to look at that as you won’t be overwhelmed by the negativity that frequently comes along with those conversations.

 Gemini - Your sign will have the most relationship impact from Venus than the other signs will as it will be going through your house of partnerships. Establishing balance and finding fulfillment in all of your relationships will be at the forefront for you. You may even find yourself being somewhat of a mediator during this time, as well. Just don’t get offended if you have to make the first move and start the conversations first. 

 Cancer - There will be a desire to establish balance within your health and your daily routines. This will generally be a lucky time in those areas right now but try to work with that Venus energy to establish the balance that will be required after Venus leaves Sagittarius. Because of the ease you’ll feel here, you could get a little lazy.

 Leo - Having Venus in Sagittarius right now kind of further increases your performer tendencies. Your social life and creativity will be higher on your list of importance. If you have kids or kids are in your life in any way, shower them with love and affection. Or perhaps just focus on your inner child and give it what it’s been wanting lately. There will be a tendency to share your love all over the place so if this fits with your relationship status, great, but if not, just be mindful of what you’re doing and what situations you’re getting in. 

 Virgo - The beauty and harmony of Venus will take center stage in your home. It’s a great time for you to refresh your bedding, or hang new paintings, or just re-do the organization in your pantry. The only thing that could come to bite you in the rear is overspending on this refresh so just be mindful of that will conjuring up your new designs.

 Libra - Your communication and self-expression will get a wonderful dose of charm. The words you say and the ideas you pose will be a little more infectious and excitable for others. Your social life will definitely ramp up a bit during this month. Something to look out for is being too swayed by the emotions of others. 

 Scorpio - There is potential here for more prosperity, as well as more extravagant spending. Acquiring more things and valuable pieces may be on your radar this month but just don’t be irresponsible with it. Luck may follow you through connections with other people who are feeling generous. 

 Sagittarius - With Venus in your sign, flirtation, affection, and charm will abound for you! This could be coming from both you and others around you. You’re already quite social but that could ramp up for you during this time. This would be a great time to pamper yourself with a new haircut, a facial, or your favorite form of self-care. Just don’t go overboard with your spending. 

 Capricorn - This month will have an infusion of selfless love for people who come from different backgrounds than you. You may feel called to address some of the injustices they experience. Your inner self-talk will lighten up and feel a little more accepting. There is a chance you could be drawn secret love this month.

 Aquarius - Your social life and presence in communities will be more of a focus for you. You may bring more balance to the groups you associate with this will likely bring about great opportunities. You may want to revisit your homes and dreams for your life and see if they align with your values. This month may bring a little confusion for you in love where you may blur the lines of friendship and love. 

 Pisces - If there has been some imbalances in your career or at work, now would be a fantastic time to fix them. You have diplomacy on your side to make the injustices known and bring about a positive change. Your public persona may even be a little more likeable than usual giving you a surge in popularity. Just be weary of opportunities for scandal.

 In general, we may all experience feelings of fun-love, have a desire to travel, and get a refresh on our values. It’s generally a lucky time for all of us but there are chances of too much spending, too much love sharing, and too much of a focus on the superficial. If we keep our sites on creating balance and harmony, we will be less likely to over-indulge.