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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Capricorn: February 3 – March 1

Ambi Sitham

Copy of Venus in Sagittarius.png

Hello lovely ones and happy Sunday!

So much going on in the cosmos right now and all of it is good!

Today Venus moves out of Sagittarius and makes her way into Capricorn where she will remain until the beginning of March.

Please enjoy this post on this Venus in Capricorn transit by the fabulous Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology.

Make sure to check Lexie out on Instagram where she posts a ton of useful astro information and also consider booking a reading with her.

Happy Venus in Capricorn transit!


Ambi x


If your love life has been lacking a sense of seriousness from Venus being in Sagittarius, it’s certainly going to get a dose of rigidity and discipline on February 4th when Venus moves into Capricorn.

Labels? Yeah, Capricorn has a few in mind and she’s ready to adhere them to any and all relationships!

In true Capricorn fashion, let’s break down what Capricorn is about, what Venus is about, and see what it means when the two are combined.

Then, as always, we will finish this lovely article out with how this transit will affect you based on your Sun or Rising sign.

We’ve talked quite a lot about Capricorn already this year so this is primarily going to serve as a reminder but alas, it just might feel redundant. I can’t help but have a small smirk on my face, though, because this is kind of what Capricorn is about - repetition, discipline, learning valuable and serious lessons.

It’s true, Capricorn is quite a disciplinarian, ruled by Saturn and commander of the tenth house of career.

However, it’s a rather spiritual and creative Sea-Goat, that Cap. This opens up the sign of Capricorn to a completely new set of characteristics that many do not immediately think about when thinking of Capricorn.

Yes, Capricorn is practical, grounded, loves to set rules and parameters, focused on success, extraordinarily driven, pioneering, rigid, and my favorite thing to hear - a lack of personality.

(A quick aside: some people see the laser-focused Capricorn who has their sights set on one particular goal as a human being that lacks personality. I call these people ‘uncultured swine’.)

What most people don’t readily attribute to Capricorn’s is their need and desire for a higher mental elevation. Think about it, a goat is sure-footed upon a mountain, climbing higher and higher. What a lovely metaphor for a Capricorn’s search for spirituality.

A Capricorn wants a belief system that they can sink their teeth into and feel like it has a practical service in their life.

The ‘sea’ part of the Sea-Goat actually infuses creativity into the Capricorn way of thinking. Unlike other forms of creativity, the Capricorn’s creative energy drives them to think of new ways to attain goals or bring practicality to a creative idea to actually make it come to life!

Venus, easily described as the love planet, also closely identifies with balance, harmony, values and money. Venus helps us get in tune with the more love-centric parts of ourselves. This not only applies to the love we have for others but also for ourselves. It helps us create a sense of balance in our lives. It also directs us in our pursuit of money. Venus isn’t just about rose petals and bath bombs, it’s about justice and putting money in our pockets!

When Venus is in Capricorn, we will feel a little more cautious in love. Even though Capricorn is cautious, it is also compartmentalized. When Venus is in this sign, we will feel a great amount of loyalty to the ones we appropriate label worthy of our time, energy and love. When we come in contact with new people and new love interests, we will be more likely to keep them at arm’s length until we are absolutely sure of the label we need to on them. The thing with Venus in Capricorn is that once the label of “worth my time” is on someone, Capricorn COMMITS to that person. Venus Capricorn is not about having many relationships and flavors, just one very committed, earthy, and loving relationship. 

One thing that Venus in Capricorn is really good at doing is separating emotions from sex. This is great in the moment if you’re not interested in a relationship with this person but you still want to have some fun. Just make sure they know where you stand. You don’t want to lead anyone on. If you’re already in a committed relationship, the emotionless sex may feel empty if you only look at the surface of it. Love-making during Venus in Capricorn is actually quite earthy and more natural. It’s a really wonderful time to get to know your partner’s body and really see it for what it is. Relish in the realness of what you two are doing together, instead of worrying if the feelings are there. If your partner is showing honest commitment, loyalty, and devotion to you in other ways, then yes, the feelings are there.

Now for your signs’ experience with Venus in Capricorn:

Aries: Your career may be in for some balancing but along with that, more opportunities to generate wealth. Act upon the pull you have to establish rules and regulations as it will help you create that balance that Venus wants to put in place.


Taurus:  With Venus entering into your house of mental exploration, there will be a surge of energy pushing you to explore the philosophies you hold and see if there are areas of it that could be softened and balanced out. This is a wonderful time to talk with others about their philosophies to see how they differ from yours and see how that could help your personal growth.


Gemini: Intimacy will have a bigger focus for you this month. Not only will your sex-life have a surge, but you might also need to establish emotional distance. It truly depends on how you’ve defined this relationship you’re in. There will also be a pull to soften your more rigid approach to topics like death, sex, and the occult.

Cancer: Venus is in your partnership zone this month so you’ll definitely be feeling the steamy effects. Venus in Capricorn will definitely excite your deepest biological needs to make love. However, don’t forget that Venus is here to create balance in ALL relationships, not just romantic ones. 

Leo: Alright Leo, all of those goals you set earlier in the year around getting in shape will have another breath of life this month. This time it will have more creative energy so if the previous plans you made to attain your goals aren’t working, Venus in Capricorn will help you develop new plans that will feel more aligned to your daily routine.

Virgo: This month you’ll feel a surge in your creativity. Of course, everything new that’s coming to mind will have a practical use. Use Venus in Capricorn to impart love and balance for your life. Life, in this context, meaning just the pure joy of being alive and being present in everything around you! 

Libra: You’ve probably had some dreams and schemes for your home design for a while but just haven’t taken action because the word “how” has been in the way. Well, with Venus in Capricorn, “how” will become “done”. That’s the great thing about Capricorn - it can dream and then put that dream into action!

Scorpio: Practical self-expression is the name of the game for you for this transit. Your messages will certainly be infused with Capricorn’s constructive energy, but Venus will help by bringing in a peaceful delivery of those messages. This could be a really good time to deliver difficult messages in a way that won’t feel accusatory but more like constructive feedback.

Sagittarius: You had some fun last month but this month with Venus in your house of personal possessions and self-esteem, you’ll actually have some work to do. Venus is helping you create more wealth for yourself this month on a more practical level. This would also be a really great time to evaluate your values and self-esteem and see if you need to enforce some changes.

Capricorn: Venus is bringing beauty to your sense of self. Use this time to get in touch with the love you hold for yourself and how you show that outwardly. This would be a great time to assess if you are truly living out the values you’ve established for yourself and if you have a healthy balance with your perception of who you are.

Aquarius: Your typically practical approach to a vast concept like spirituality will get a dose of harmonizing energy. It will be easier to find a balance between your more traditional approach to spiritual topics and your lovable Aquarius nature of holding forward-thinking views on other subjects. 

Pisces: You may be a little dreamy this month when it comes to visualizing new goals for your life. The great thing is that the Capricorn energy will allow you to put action to those goals. You may be a little more focused on community and people could be more drawn to you.