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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Virgo February 2019: Reset of mind, body, soul.

Ambi Sitham

Full Moon Virgo.png

Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon in Virgo!

This Virgo Full Moon falls at zero, almost one degree of Virgo and takes place at 7.53am PT on Tuesday February 19 2019 (adjust for your timezone).

As you may recall, whenever a lunar event (or indeed other cosmic events) takes place at either the very first or very last degree of a sign, it makes that event extra powerful and potent.

So Tuesday’s Virgo Full Moon is a powerful one, for this and many other reasons which we will explore.

Tuesday also marks the start of Pisces season with the Sun moving into Pisces and Mercury beginning its slippery pre-retrograde shadow period, also in Pisces.

To add to all of this, the day of the Full Moon also sees wounded healer Chiron finally leave Pisces and re-enter Aries where he will be for several years.

So, what does this all mean?

There is a ton of focus on the Pisces/Virgo axis in each of our charts which we each need to pay careful attention to.

As you know at each Full Moon there is an opposition between the Sun in one sign and la luna at her fullest in the opposing sign.

We traditionally tend to focus on the sign in which the Full Moon is falling and checking which areas of life this sign rules in the natural zodiac and where this sign falls in our unique charts, showing us the life areas coming up in the lunar spotlight.

We usually focus on bringing something to completion/fruition in this area of life, and/or healing and releasing what does not serve us.

We will still be doing this at the Virgo Full Moon but we will be taking things a step further.

At this time we need to look at the Pisces ruled parts of life (in both the natural zodiac and our unique charts) and think about what we might like to bring to final healing, closure or completion in these areas of life.

With wounded healer Chiron being in transit to the Pisces parts of our charts/lives since 2010, we would have seen old wounds come to the surface to be brought to the light and healed. We would have learnt a lot about ourselves and these areas of life and at this Full Moon we can harness the lunar energies to bring final healing/completion and closure to these Pisces ruled areas of life.

We can also look at the relationship between the Pisces/Virgo areas of life and use this Full Moon to bring more balance and harmony between these two areas of life, so even though they are opposing life areas, they are yin and yang in some ways, we can still find a healthy balanced harmony between both.

So let us turn to exactly what Pisces/Virgo rules in the natural zodiac as these themes apply to each of us.

Pisces rules the twelfth house. The house of the hidden and unseen. Psychological matters which we may not be aware of. Our sub-conscious mind and deeply ingrained sub-conscious patterns of behavior. Secrets we keep. Things we do in private. Work we do behind the scenes.

In line with this being the house of the hidden and unseen it is also often referred to as the house of ‘secret enemies’, of course, with ourselves often being our own worst enemy and the secret often being that we don’t realize it!

It is also the house of healing and isolation.

Makes this house and Pisces sound kinda dark right?!

But this is also the house of the deep intuition, dreams, spirituality, creativity and unconditional love.

So it’s not all dark!

But in the last nine years, since Chiron moved into Pisces, regardless of our zodiac sign we each will no doubt have experienced some wounds and healing with the life areas ruled by Pisces.

Opposite Pisces in the zodiac is Virgo.

The sixth sign of the zodiac ruling our daily routine, lifestyle, work, service to others and our health - mind, body and soul.

Whereas Pisces can get lost at sea (water sign ruled by Neptune, god of the sea) with so much that is hidden and unseen (just like the ocean), Virgo is very much on dry land focusing on what is (earth sign ruled by Mercury), honing in on the details, concentrating its mind on what needs doing.

With Pisces out at sea sometimes drowning in the bigger picture, Virgo can get so caught up in the little details that it can’t see the wood for the trees.

Both signs have their light and shadow, just like all of the zodiac, and each of us.

The sub-conscious mind and our psychological health plays such a powerful role in our health - mind, body and soul, and often any ‘disease’ we experience comes from a ‘dis - ease’ within our psyche which then is reflected externally in our health.

At this Full Moon, with Chiron finally departing Pisces, regardless of our sign we each have the opportunity to not only bring deep lasting healing to our psyche (Pisces) but also to experience better health and indeed the Soulstrology theme of this Full Moon; a reset of our mind, body and soul.

This in turn can help us to live a more balanced, happier, healthier, more harmonious day to day life, one in which we yes serve others (after all Virgo is the sign of service) but which also serves us.

*Your Soulstrology Scopes will include cosmic coaching homework and a customized ritual, plus a channeled message for each sign, which will best help prepare you for this Full Moon and will also include Soulstrology zodiac guides for both Pisces and Virgo so you can best utilize this Full Moon*

Turning now to the celestial aspects of this Full Moon and what else to expect.

As you know at this Full Moon Mercury slips into the pre-retrograde shadow.

Soulstrology teaches us that the pre-retrograde shadow is when things may pop up which the retrograde requires us to reflect upon and in many ways reconcile.

So we need to be open as to what takes place at this Full Moon as it may be something that we will need to deal with at the forthcoming retrograde.

There is a tense aspect at this Full Moon with fiery Mars conjunct Uranus.

Mars is action, energy, desire, but also conflict…and Uranus is liberation, innovation and also sudden change.

When Mars and Uranus meet like this, we must know to expect the unexpected…

Whether that ‘unexpected’ is good, or bad, depends on what is happening with us and others in our lives and where we are on our soul’s journey.

But given this is the start of the pre-retrograde shadow my advice is that if it is seemingly bad, to (try!) not to freak out because the retrograde may resolve this issue.

And if it is seemingly good, celebrate and enjoy but also know there may be more to this than meets the eye which the forthcoming retrograde may reveal.

This somewhat explosive Uranus element is softened somewhat by a harmonious trine aspect that Uranus makes to the Full Moon as well as an easygoing sextile aspect made to the Sun, meaning hopefully that whatever unexpected event happens at this time is ultimately positive.

Venus (love, creativity, abundance) is conjunct Saturn (structure, lessons, karma, success) at this Full Moon blending together these themes and making a positive aspect to both Mercury (communications, contracts) and Neptune (creativity, unconditional love, spirituality).

This is a beautiful aspect and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were many wonderful creative highs as well as highs in matters of the heart, experienced by many at this Full Moon.

In summary this Full Moon is a powerful opportunity for a deep, final healing of many areas of our lives as well as a chance to reset ourselves - mind, body and soul.

It is one where we may experience unexpected, or seemingly out of the blue, shifts - such shifts which no matter how they come packaged, are ultimately for our highest good and the greater good.

It is one where we can experience good fortune in matters of the heart, creativity and finances.

It’s a powerful Full Moon which we need to prepare for and understand so we can work with the cosmic energies to release, receive and reset.

More on your Soulstrology Scopes….but for now, perhaps take a listen to the one of our Soulstrology Soundbaths.

I recommend Chiron, Mercury and/or Pluto as well as the third eye chakra bowl Soundbaths.


Ambi x