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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Aquarius: March 2 – 26 2019

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Aquarius.png

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’ve had a good start to March….I don’t know about you but I am feeling all those pre-retrograde shadow feels BIG time….argh!

More coming on this soon but in the meantime, a cosmic update for you all is that Venus has moved into Aquarius and our beloved fellow Soulstrologer Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology has written this piece for our community….read on below and don’t forget to read her note for your zodiac sign - remember to read for both your Sun and Rising sign….

When Venus was in Capricorn, our relationships may have felt serious and heavy. Venus in Aquarius is a stark contrast from that! From March 2nd until March 26th, our relationships will be much more lighthearted and fun! The main thing to look out for with this, especially in our romantic relationships, is that Aquarius is even more unemotional than Capricorn. But don’t worry, there’s a lot of positivity here.

The sign of Aquarius is quite quirky and extremely fun! Although Aquarius is a fixed sign, Aquarius does not accept the status quo and relies on it’s creativity and ingenuity to come up with new and cool ideas. What some people might not know about Aquarius is that all of these cool and fresh ideas are for the benefit of the many, not the few. Aquarius naturally has a humanitarian streak, and this is often why you see them having many acquaintances and friends.

Venus, as I’m sure you already know but I’ll remind you, is all about love, harmony, balance, money, manifesting, and creating. When Venus is in Aquarius, we have to merge the Aquarius energy with this Venus energy. As a collective, (and truly as a collective; Aquarius is ALL ABOUT the collective), we will feel more social. We will want to connect with more and more people and share our friendly love with as many as possible. We will feel more inclined to serve the many, not the few, and create a balance between us all.

Aquarius doesn’t let emotion get in the way. If it did, then it wouldn’t be able to be objective with its humanitarian ideas. This is why emotions won’t be as strong during this time. So if you are coupled or dating and you feel a coldness from either side of the relationship, don’t be afraid of it! This could actually be very helpful and you both can be more of a team trying to reach a common goal.

Yes, this time is laced with socializing, friendships, and connections, but there’s one thing throwing a wrench in all of it: Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde starts on March 6th and will direct itself on March 29th, all in the sign of Pisces. As a reminder, do not be afraid of Mercury Retrograde, just be aware of it.

With Mercury in Pisces, our communication can take a turn for the emotional and sensitive, very different from the unemotional Venus we have in Aquarius. This means that you must use caution when communicating. You don’t have to stay indoors for the entire month or anything but you should REview, REflect, and REfresh before shouting anything on the rooftops. Maybe take a moment before saying anything and ask yourself, “Am I overreacting? Am I being overly emotional? Am I about to say something that could make them cry? Could this be taken the wrong way?”

Above all, make your intentions clear with any relationship. Venus in Aquarius can easily cause us to become confused if we’re in love or we’re just friends. Throw in a retrograde Mercury and then it becomes even more confusing! Just be clear and don’t assume they know where your head and heart are.

ARIES - This is a very social time for you. Spending time with larger groups and friend circles will feel really good and give you energy. Some lovely opportunities might even come your way through others. Just be cautious and not move too quickly. Do your due diligence. Also be cautious of not mistaking friendship for love.


TAURUS - Venus is giving you some creative and harmonious powers in your career and public persona. You might see some positive growth in your career. However, since Mercury is retrograde, just make sure you aren’t involving yourself in the office gossip. It could put you in a very sticky situation that you don’t deserve to be in.


GEMINI - Travel and foreign people may be quite a large focus for you over these couple of weeks. Perhaps someone from another state moves in to your apartment building and you become fast friends, or maybe your work needs you to go on a business trip. One thing is sure, this is a really great time to expand your thinking and check in with your philosophical beliefs.


CANCER - These next couple weeks may be all hot and steamy with Venus in your intimate house. Don’t forget, this house also governs over joint finances so there could be an opportunity for financial growth through others. However, even if you are benefiting from other people, don’t forget that you still have responsibilities.


LEO - Your one-to-one relationships will have a lovely dose of Venus energy. You may feel extra affectionate during this time and really crave a balance in your relationships. With the Aquarian energy, you may be more inclined to feel friendly, rather than romantic. There is nothing wrong with this, but just don’t be surprised if intentions aren’t clear from both sides.


VIRGO - This will most likely be an interesting time for you at work. This would be a great time to focus on creating more harmony with co-workers and making sure everyone is doing their fair share of the work. Just be cautious of retrograde Mercury. This would also be a great time to revamp your health goals and plans.


LIBRA - Look out! You just might take center stage! With Venus in your house of romance and fun, you may feel a pull to be way more social than you already are and crave more attention. With Mercury Retrograde, this might not be the best play, but what you can do is follow the creative energy and see what you can come up with!


SCORPIO - Creative energy might be encouraging you to make some changes to the aesthetics of your home. If these plans have been in the works, go for it. But if they just sprung to your mind, maybe do very small projects that can easily be reversed. Wait until Mercury is direct before doing major home reno’s. Also, this might be a great time to reconnect with a mother-figure in your life.


SAGITTARIUS - Depending on your specific chart, you might actually be a little frustrated during this time. Venus is providing wonderful creative energy and giving you a gift of eloquent communication. But then Mercury is retrograde, making your messages land flat. No worries, use this Venus energy for reflection and journaling. After Mercury is direct, share your ideas.


CAPRICORN - Venus is activating the money house for you. This could really go two ways: Venus allows you to manifest more money, or Venus could encourage you to spoil yourself and buy #allofthethings. Use your best judgement, especially since Mercury Retrograde is here. It could be a mix of both if you’ve been working hard leading up to this time.


AQUARIUS - What a wonderful time to be you! With Venus in your sign, you’re extra flirty, extra friendly, extra charming….#extra? Probably! You’ll definitely attract more attention during this time. Just make sure you’re not forcing it and trying to live too fast. Mercury has other ideas in mind.


PISCES - Venus is in your house of spirituality for these couple of weeks and Mercury is retrograde in your’ll want to give and give your love to others and be truly selfless, but sharing that message might prove difficult. It’s okay! Feel those feelings, journal it out, connect with your spirituality (this is where you are most comfortable anyway), and then when Mercury is direct again, share your realizations.