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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology Scopes Full Moon Libra March 2019

Ambi Sitham

Libra Full Moon.png

Hello lovely ones and I hope this finds you well as we approach this powerful Libra Full Moon and the Equinox…

If you haven’t already, please do read the Soulstrology Libra Full Moon blog to understand the energies at play at this Full Moon as it will help you tackle the cosmic coaching and journal prompts below as well as get the most out of the customized ritual and mantras.

Remember that although Libra rules different life areas in each of our unique charts, we also need to think carefully about the natural zodiac themes of both Libra (the Full Moon) and Aries (the Sun and Chiron) at this time.

As a reminder…

Aries rules the self and our individuality, identity, autonomy, how we assert ourselves, how we pursue and manifest our ambitions, and how we deal with conflict (and fight!).

Aries is ME, MINE, I.

Libra rules relationships/partnerships of all kinds and how we relate with others, how we negotiate, compromise, find balance and harmony and peace.

Libra is US, WE, YOU.

Regardless of the life areas Aries/Libra rule in our charts, we must think about these concepts, themes and traits of both Aries/Libra and apply these to the life areas being illuminated in our unique charts in the lunar spotlight.

Remember your Soulstrology zodiac guides to both Aries/Libra will help you easily identify the life areas highlighted for you at this time and don’t forget to read for both your Sun and Rising sign.

Onward here is your cosmic coaching and customized ritual.

  1. Journal on the Aries ruled life areas in your chart. What significant shifts have you experienced since 2010? What new chapter do you find yourself in? How does this new chapter best allow you to embrace your true identity? What new wounds, issues, obstacles, challenges are you dealing with in relation to these life areas? What do you wish to let go of?

  2. Journal on the Libra ruled life areas in your chart. How are things going in these areas of life? How happy/peaceful/harmonious is life? How are your relationships of all sorts in these life areas? What (or who) is causing you pain, conflict, or unhappiness in these life areas? What do you feel needs healing or releasing?

  3. Write a burn and release list based on the responses to the above to questions. Make sure to also include any issues you have with yourself (e.g with your identity, appearance, autonomy, your ‘self’ including your relationship with yourself) as well as any relationship issues of any type, whether personal, platonic, professional, romantic, close or distant. Also make sure to include in this list anything else you may wish to release at this time that is causing you anger (Aries) or perhaps repressed anger/passive aggression due to people pleasing (Libra).

  4. Light a candle, burn some sage and listen to a Soulstrology Soundbath (perhaps try the new Pluto/Mercury soundbath (which will be live by the Equinox Full Moon in a separate post) which will help transform your thoughts and mindset and really help bring out those sub-conscious thoughts which you may need to heal/release/transform, or of course listen to one of the classics - Chiron/Full Moon, Earth, Pluto) and just allow the sounds and vibrations to wash over you. If you desire, you can repeat the Libra Full Moon mantras (below). You may ‘see’ things or receive messages during this Soundbath meditation that means you wish to add to your burn and release list. If so, do this directly after the Soundbath and also separately journal any insights you receive.

  5. Conduct a burn and release fire ceremony. If you are lucky enough to have a fire pit or fireplace you can simply burn and release your list there. If not, use a candle or lighter to burn your list and as always, as you see the list go up in flames, make sure to visualize the energies, people, situations, wounds you wish to release leaving your body, like the smoke rises from the burning list, so too visualize that smoke/dark clouds leaving your physical body.

  6. Go on a walk, get outside, get some AIR (Libra) and when you return if you still feel the need for some final healing, jump in the shower or take a salt bath and visualize a further level of energetic healing/cleansing as you wash (shower) or soak off (bathe) the energies you wish to release.

  7. Journal about any insights you may have had on the Aries/Libra ruled parts of your life and how you feel you can approach these life areas with a different consciousness aimed at you having the best relationship with yourself and others.

  8. Celebrate! Your work is done! You’ve just completed a powerful Soulstrology Full Moon ritual. Check out your Soulstrology Scopes for a channeled message for your sign to carry with you as the Full Moon reaches her peak and we embrace the Equinox and a new chapter.


I commit to being my best, most authentic self and release all the thoughts, energies and behaviors which do not serve me being my highest, truest self

I recognize the people and relationships in my life that are less than healthy or thriving and I commit to owning my part in these relationships and to healing and transforming myself before I look to others

I am honest with myself about the situations in which I am perhaps not expressing my true emotions in order to keep the peace

I allow myself to express these feelings, even if inwardly, and to release the energies around any situations which may be causing me pent up frustration, anger or sadness

I ask the universe to help me to heal those relationships which can be healed and to release those which need to be released

I trust that as long as I continue to work on myself, ultimately my relationships will thrive and be healthy and enjoyable


ARIES/ARIES RISING: The more you relate to others, the more they will relate (and respect) you. Focus on others and both you and they will flourish.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Pay attention to your relationship with your psyche so you can experience a better relationship between your mind, body and soul.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Your tribe influence your vibe. Make sure yours encourage you to be your true self and express your highest vibration.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: To enjoy successful relationships in your professional life you must first ensure you are valuing and nourishing yourself before you can be valued and flourish.

LEO/LEO RISING: Your relationship with your higher self and the divine will help you find your voice and be a channel as well as enjoy better relationships with siblings, neighbors and your local community.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: The more you live in authentic alignment with your values the more you will see abundance flourish in your life, in terms of both money and material possessions.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: You must learn to please yourself, love yourself and honor your truth so you can truly enjoy relationships in which you are loved, respected and can flourish.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: Your every day relationships, particularly those at ‘work’ will benefit from you digging deep in your relationship with yourself and transforming and healing hidden parts of you.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: Your relationship with creativity, joy, passion and even children is influenced by those who you surround yourself with, so choose wisely.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Focusing on work and your professional self comes easily to you, but focusing on your home life and your relationship with loved ones is as important - balance the scales.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: The relationship you have with your mind is crucial to the relationship you have with the outside world and how your voice is heard. Focus inwards, flourish outwards.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: Your relationship with money (and debt) is tied up in your relationship with yourself and your self-worth. Value yourself to be valued and receive abundance.