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Soulstrology Posts

Jupiter Retrograde: April 10 - August 11

Ambi Sitham

Jupiter Retrograde.png

Hello lovely ones and happy Tuesday :)

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying this new lunar cycle and Aries season…

Tomorrow, April 10 sees Jupiter turn retrograde as he does every year for around four months.

He begins his retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius and ends his retrograde at 14 degrees of Sagittarius. Look out for where you have Sagittarius ruling your unique chart to see the life areas being impacted by this retrograde.

The Soulstrology Jupiter in retrograde zodiac guide below to help you with that, just read as always for your sun and rising sign.

If you want to be more specific then check where you have between 14 and 24 degrees of Sagittarius falling exactly in your chart as well as noticing any planets between 12 and 26 degrees of Sagittarius as they are near enough to the retrograde and direct motions to be impacted by this retrograde too.

Now, as I may have already mentioned in the April cosmic update, Jupiter’s retrograde (along with the other retrogrades of this month) is not to be feared but rather to be embraced.

Think of it like this, Jupiter is the great healer and cosmic benefic. He brings healing to areas of our lives, he brings a feeling of optimism, expansion and often just plain old good luck.

And sometimes major miracles….especially in Sagittarius where he is ‘at home’ (as he rules Sagittarius) and therefore his energies are extra potent.

For all of us, Sagittarius rules somewhere in our charts and thus certain life areas which have been benefiting from Jupiter since last November 2018 and will continue to benefit through to December 2019.

This transit, as with every Jupiter transit, sets us up for a new season in the life areas receiving Jupiter’s energies for the next eleven years.

He will next return to Sagittarius in October 2030 when he will once again bring his energies with him to the Sagittarius ruled parts of our charts/lives.

If you haven’t already (if you are a newer Member) then please read the Jupiter in Sagittarius post from last November 2018.

If you have read it, then please perhaps re-read it to remind yourself of the cosmic energies and therefore the energies that this transit is bringing our way.

So what next? What do we do in this retrograde?

Well, as you know unlike Mercury this isn’t a three week retrograde with lessons crammed into a short period of time.

And actually, unlike Mercury’s retrograde which can feel very discombobulating and almost at times feel like a punishment, Jupiter’s retrograde is giving us the chance to REDO miracles in an area of our lives.

Although the retrograde realizations, shifts and magic may unfold more slowly over the next four months, at the outset of the retrograde we have an amazing opportunity to REVIEW how Jupiter in Sagittarius has treated us so far, how much we have harnessed the energies of this very powerful transit and how we can perhaps get even more out of this transit as well as what we want another chance at ‘redoing’.

So with this in mind, below are some cosmic coaching questions and journal prompts.

Please note that some of these are general life questions to ask yourselves and some are specifically in relation to the Sagittarius ruled parts of your chart/life.

  1. Look back between last November 2018 and today, April 2019. Do you feel you have become more optimistic in this time? Do you have more faith? Do you see the glass more as half full rather than half empty? Are you more generous/compassionate? How has your personal spirituality developed and progressed over this time? Remember there are no right or wrong answers, just an opportunity to review and reset but the idea is that we want to see if across the board in our lives, we have adopted the light of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

  2. Review the Sagittarius ruled parts of your charts/lives (see Soulstrology zodiac guide below).

    Ask yourself, what if any healing has taken place in regards to these areas of life? What expansion has occurred? Have any miracles taken place -small or ‘large’ miracles are miracles so don’t forget to count all and any!

  3. Having answered the above question, ask yourself what else you would like to experience in these life areas (and indeed in life across the board) in the remainder of the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit? What healing, expansion, miracles?

  4. Having answered the above question, next ask yourself what you are prepared to DO and how you are prepared to BE a la Jupiter in Sagittarius in your life generally and in these specific life areas? What I mean by this is that if you want to have luck, you need to believe in luck. If you want to receive miracles, you should in some small way be creating miracles for others? (every little bit helps) If you want expansion and abundance then are you in some way helping others create expansion and abundance in their lives? Do you really believe and have faith? A great yard stick of this is how you feel….if you really have faith and trust, you will notice a sense of peace…Are you counting your existing blessings and being optimistic about life in general (and of course the Sag ruled parts of life) or are you looking at the glass as half empty?

  5. Once you’ve answered these questions listen to the Jupiter and Earth soundbath (link below for your ease, I have been listening on repeat for the last day!) and then perhaps write up any further insights and maybe even a summary of what you have so far gotten out of this Jupiter in Sagittarius transit and what you would like to get out of it and how you are going to use this retrograde period over the next few months to harness the benefit of this powerful transit in your life, for your highest good and the greater good of all…

As an interesting FYI, I was born with Jupiter retrograde natally in my midheaven/tenth house, conjunct my moon….it’s a pretty powerful placement and I will say that I have experienced extraordinary luck in my life, as well as of course, some huge lessons and cosmic smackdowns ;)

What I have learnt with my retrograde natal Jupiter is how important it is to BE what I am seeking in my life and to adopt the higher qualities and light of Jupiter and Sagittarius, not because I am ‘trying’ to manifest something, but because it is the right thing to do.

And yes, the miracles and magic manifests too but that’s just a very nice extra.

I adopt the goodness of Jupiter/Sagittarius because it feels good to be kind, compassionate, generous, to be optimistic and choose faith over fear, to believe in equality and justice for all and to try in some small way to be part of that. It feels like I am being the best version of myself when I do that and I feel so much more aligned with my soul. It makes my SOUL feel FULL.

Also when you are busy doing and being all of that, you don’t have time to overly navel gaze and the cosmos can take care of you and your needs….

Just some food for thought from this Sagittarius Sun sign with a fourth house stellium in Sagittarius as we get ready to embrace this retrograde…


Ambi x


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