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Soulstrology Posts

Saturn Retrograde: April 29 - September 18 2019

Ambi Sitham

Saturn Retrograde.png

Hello lovely ones and happy almost ‘Saturn stations retrograde’!

Depending on where you live in the world, this Monday April 29 or Tuesday April 30, Saturn stations retrograde at 20 degrees Capricorn.

His retrograde will continue until September 18 when he stations direct at 13 degrees of Capricorn.

Therefore, as well as looking at the Soulstrology Saturn retrograde zodiac sign below (reading for your Sun and Rising sign) you also want to look at where exactly you have between 13 and 20 degrees of Capricorn in your unique chart.

See what planets or houses in your chart fall between these degrees as well as a couple of degrees either side, because anything at 11, 12 or 21, 22 degrees Capricorn will also be impacted by this retrograde.

I think you all know by now, but just as a reminder, Saturn has been in transit of Capricorn since the Winter Solstice 2017, poring his stern magnifying glass over the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our lives, identifying what is ‘wrong’ or ‘unstable’ or without a ‘firm foundation’ and letting us know in no uncertain terms that in order to achieve success in these areas of life, we will need to have a re-structuring in order to create the strong and stable foundations for lasting success.

During 2019’s retrograde we have the opportunity to re-examine the areas of life ruled by Capricorn in our unique charts and specifically those which fall between the 13-20 degrees of Saturn’s retrograde motion.

It is important on this occasion for us to identify these specific degrees in our charts because what we will find is that these life areas/the themes of any planets impacted are going to experience some karmic energies over the next six months.

Saturn as you all probably know by now, is the cosmic life coach, stern zodiac headmaster, who can give us a tough time, but ultimately rewards us for our work and ‘good behavior’.

The fact that he is raking over between 13 and 20 degrees of Capricorn in the zodiac (and therefore our charts) is very significant as we have of course already experienced Saturn’s energies in these areas of our charts since mid January 2019 - so the last four months.

Now, we get another opportunity to ‘re-do’ these areas of life, and if we weren’t able to do so the first time perhaps we can now harness this retrograde to tap into what the karmic lessons are for us, learn them fully and integrate them into our lives, so that we can begin to reap those Saturn rewards.

This is a very powerful retrograde for so many reasons as you will see through the aspects Saturn makes to other planets almost as soon as his retrograde starts (see the May cosmic update and look out for the Saturn aspects in particular which are very powerful in this next month) as well as the aspects he makes over the next five or so months.

We find ourselves now halfway through Saturn’s transit of Capricorn.

In fact, Saturn leaves Capricorn next Spring at the Spring Equinox when he moves into Aquarius.

However, due to his annual retrograde motion, he will dive back into Capricorn for a few months, meaning he will formally finish up with the Capricorn ruled parts of our lives at the end of 2020.

Each of us are at different stages of our soul’s journeys and personal evolution.

Some of us may be in our Saturn returns (talk to me if you are as we have a separate sub group supporting each other through their Saturn returns!), some of us may be struggling with Saturn’s karmic lessons and feeling like we are being cosmically bitch slapped and sucker punched.

Others of us may be working with the energies and reaping the rewards.

There is no wrong or right. Just what IS for each of us.

Regardless, whatever IS for each of us, or wherever we are at, we can all work with the energies of Saturn’s retrograde to our advantage, to learn lessons, to integrate them into our lives, to create new, solid structures and to reap the sweet rewards of Saturn, which is lasting success!

For now, review the life areas impacted by Saturn in your unique natal chart, using the Soulstrology zodiac guide below, but also looking at the degrees of the 2019 Saturn retrograde (and checking planets/points on two degrees either side).

And ask yourself the following questions: -

  1. Where have I been tested in these areas? Where have I felt stuck or stifled, as though I cannot move forwards?

  2. Have I felt fear, or low vibrations, a sense of heaviness around these life areas?

  3. Have I felt as though I have been slogging away, aka working really hard, just to stay afloat in these life areas?

  4. What lessons have I learned? And have I truly integrated these lessons into my psyche and my life?

  5. What can I identify that I may need to change in relation to these areas of life?

  6. In what ways can I identify that I may need to change?

  7. What can I celebrate/what have I achieved in relation to these areas of life?

  8. What else would I like to be able to celebrate in relation to these areas of life?

Journal away, answering these questions as honestly as you can. If you don’t know the answers to some of the questions as yet, do not fear, we will work on these together over the coming months (particularly in July’s eclipse season!).

May we all do the work of Saturn so we can taste his sweet rewards!


Ambi x


Aries/Aries rising: Career, success, status and ambition. Your soul's legacy

Taurus/Taurus rising: Higher education, spirituality, foreign places or people, travel, legal matters, publishing

Gemini/Gemini rising: Joint finances, sex, transformation and merging

Cancer/Cancer rising: Close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Leo/Leo rising: Daily lifestyle and routine. Health - mind/body/soul.

Virgo/Virgo rising: Love, dating, romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, children

Libra/Libra rising: Home, domestic life. Who and what you consider home/family.

Scorpio/Scorpio rising: Your mind and communication, your voice in all formats and associated projects. Siblings, neighbors and your local community

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: Your personal finances and income, possessions, your values and self-esteem

Capricorn/Capricorn rising: Your identity, appearance and how others view you

Aquarius/Aquarius rising: Healing, psychological matters, work you do behind the scenes/in private, secret projects

Pisces/Pisces rising: Friendships, groups and organizations. Your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.