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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Aries: April 21 - May 15 2019

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Aries.png

Hello lovely ones and welcome to Taurus season!

Woohoo, I for one am glad that Aries season is over. Each zodiac season resonates differently with me and helps me to work with different themes (the essence of Soulstrology!) and I always find Aries season powerful, yet also somewhat exhausting. I welcome Taurus season with open arms as such a grounded, welcome relief after a hectic few weeks. Probably something to do with my Taurus moon

But anyway, I digress.

Aries season may be over but tomorrow Venus, planet of beauty, harmony, socializing, creativity and abundance moves out of Pisces and into Aries, bringing with her a shift in energy.

The wonderful Lexie Rollet contributed this piece on the upcoming Venus in Aries transit and shares insights for each zodiac sign.

I hope you enjoy!


Ambi x


You know, this Cancer Sun and Capricorn stellium girl has a difficult time with Aries energy. Can anyone else relate to this? Maybe it’s not necessarily the Aries energy you don’t vibe with, but perhaps some other sign. For me, the quick action, display of passion without apology, and extremely impulsive behavior that Aries has gets me very anxious and makes me feel like I have no control.


Now, you could’ve read that and thought, “I don’t see anything wrong with what you just explained about Aries.”


You’re right! There’s nothing “wrong” with Aries (or any of the signs). But we all feel their energy differently. So just like there’s nothing “wrong” with a sign, there’s also nothing “wrong” with not vibing with a sign.


Going into this season of Venus being in Aries from April 21st to May 15th, will be a bit like what I just explained, but just applied to love. Even talking about myself and reminding you that feeling differently isn’t wrong is an expression of Venus in Aries. An explanation:


Aries, the Sign of Self


When talking about the love planet, it’s important to take note of the sign it’s in and what that sign typically stands for. We can get more in depth with this but on the basic level, Aries’ home is the first house of self, so when Venus is here, we will feel the energy pulling us to show ourselves how much we love ourselves. Whether you’re coupled or not, this would be a great time to take yourself on a date and reconnect with your passions and genuine interests. And I really mean the word “passion”. Something quite often forgotten about Aries is how passionate it really is. It’s this passion that inspires the rest of the typical Aries behavior and ultimately what motivates an Aries more than anything.


If the Aries energy gets out of balance, it could fall into the trap of thinking that only their ideas, passions, and loves are the “right” ones. Personally, I love Scorpio energy! Maybe to my detriment sometimes, but I love it! However, this does not mean that I cut anyone out of my life that posts a judgemental meme about Scorpio on social media.


This is also true for you. While you’re taking advantage of the Venus in Aries energy and getting reconnected to your passionate motivation, there will be people that might oppose you on it. This can obviously happen at any time in the year but it’s during this transit that you might feel inclined to have a harsh reaction to them. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their opinion doesn’t have to impact you and your goals. Just respectfully agree to disagree and move on. No need to argue, fight, get down on yourself, or cut that person out.


Now, let’s have a look at the Aries-ruled area of your chart to discover which area of your life where you could stand to reconnected with your passions. (And yes, I’ll touch on love for you, too.)


ARIES/ARIES RISING: This transit is DEFINITELY about getting reconnected with the love you have for yourself as Venus is now in your house of self. Use this time to infuse some beauty into your goals or passions. You might find that more people are drawn to you during this time, almost like you’re magnetic. Just make sure you don’t let it all go to your head AND just be aware of who you’re giving your attention to. There could be many options in front of you but make sure you’re being consistent with your current relationship status.


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Get reconnected with your spiritual loves. Venus is in your twelfth house of spirituality and healing. You could feel slightly more reserved during this time but it’s for a very valuable reason. Follow the energy to get deep into your beliefs, maybe even address some trauma you might have. This would be a great time to treat yourself with a new self-care routine that gets you to open up to yourself.


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Well this should be a fun time!! With Venus in your eleventh house of community and friendship, you’ll most likely get a healthy dose of being around lots of people! As far as passions go, reconnect with a passion or idea you have that addresses the community at large. This might be charity work, an organized social group you’ve wanted to start, or a problem you want to solve that impacts many people. Just make sure you give attention to your closest loved ones as they might feel neglected.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Venus is in your tenth house of career and public status until May 15th! There’s a higher likelihood that you could be in the public eye somehow (whatever that might mean for your current career). Definitely connect to your passions and see if it’s possible to monetize them. Maybe you can’t monetize them and that’s okay, but it’s worth checking into during this time. Just make sure to use this time to instill balance.


LEO/LEO RISING: Want to go on a trip? Now would be a spectacular time! Or great time to at least plan a dream vacay. Venus is in your travel and mental exploration house, giving you some inspiration in those areas. Was there a place your inner child has always wanted to travel to? Get dreamy about it now and see if it’s possible to make happen! Just don’t get so impulsive with it that you make a financial decision that you can’t actually handle.


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: Oh boy. Venus is in your house of intimacy and joint ventures. Things are likely to get a bit steamy. You might find some opportunity from others, as well. The biggest word of caution is that the Aries energy could inspire you to just jump in on the first person or opportunity that SEEMS ideal. Just do your due diligence first before making any commitments.


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: With Venus in your seventh house of partnerships, your one-to-one relationships (of all kinds) will probably be a grand focus. Use this opportunity to get really clear on boundaries and balance within these relationships. You may also want to reconnect with the shared passions you two hold together. Maybe it’s fallen off the radar lately. Romantically speaking, just be aware that you’re acting within your relationship status AND being selective of who to get involved with.


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: Venus is in your sixth house of health and routine. Maybe get into the gym, or start hiking, or playing a sport, or anything that you might have been passionate about before OR anything you’ve always wanted to try. This time is all about establishing new routines that really fuel your fire and get you excited about life. In terms of love, make sure to pay attention to your closest loved ones as they might feel neglected now that you have a new workout habits.


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: This is a fun one! Venus is in your house of creativity! Get creative! Whatever that means for you. Also, get out and play. Not that you have an issue doing this before, but maybe play with something new. Maybe pick up a new hobby you’ve been wanting to try? Make sure it’s just challenging enough to keep you interested, but not so challenging that you give up almost immediately.


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: Venus is in your fourth house of home during this transit. There’s definitely components of infusing beauty and style into your home during this time. Maybe an ambitious home project you’ve been wanting to do. But this is also a time to establish some balance within the home if there hasn’t been as of late. Also, get connected to the passion you have within your home, especially the people that reside in it.


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: Some beautiful language and charisma may be giving you a boost during this transit as Venus is in your communication house. This can come in handy during social activities, and maybe there might even be more of them for you. Love is definitely going to start in the mind for you. If someone isn’t holding your interest intellectually or giving you some powerful food for thought, just forget it.


PISCES/PISCES RISING: You’ll definitely want to use this time to get solid in your self-appreciation for this transit. Venus is giving you some beautiful motivation to fall in love with yourself again (or more!). This would also be a great time to get connected to your money. How do you make it? How do you manage it? What do you spend it on? How does your passion (or passions) tie into this? Can they be incorporated into your money? Just make sure to not overspend or impulsively spend.