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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Cancer: May 17 - July 1

Ambi Sitham

Mars in Cancer.png


Cosmic insights courtesy of Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology

Mars in Cancer is going to feel so much different from Mars in Gemini. We are moving away from a time of flighty energy and hasty decisions and into a time of mood-based action with a long-term view.

This placement is very interesting in that Mars is not particularly comfortable in Cancer. These two entities really challenge the other. Mars pushes Cancer to become more energetic, take actions, and make decisions. And Cancer encourages Mars to consider what the heart wants and to get more in tune with our emotions.

During this time, you might find it a little difficult to take actions on anything you’re not in the mood to do. This can obviously be challenging, especially when it’s something you absolutely need to do, whether it be for work or you know, #adulting. But in cases where it might not be absolutely necessary to do, perhaps honor that mood. Maybe you’ll find that some of the things that have been filling up your schedule really aren’t all that necessary in the grand scheme of everything.

Cancer is highly focused on the long-term so the actions you may be compelled to take may actually fuel that long-term view you have for your life. This would be an EXCELLENT time to focus on doing the things that your future self would deeply thank you for. For example, if you have envisioned yourself to be a person who takes their health seriously but you’ve struggled to make it a true focus, this would be a good time to practice a new routine that would help you accomplish that.

Now, this isn’t to say you should go crazy adding a ton of new things into your life just for the sake of what it will do for future You. This is more about planting the seeds to begin on that journey. Cancer isn’t particularly high energy and with all of the Taurus energy that we are surrounded by right now, we really aren’t in a time to be doing all kinds of things at once.

The combination of Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer is actually quite beautiful as it creates a sextile between the two. While Venus was in Aries and Mars was in Gemini, we had masculine energy impacting our actions, but now we have feminine energy. This feminine energy will allow us to connect to our intuition more and maybe soften us around the edges where we may have been a little too harsh. We can also connect with our emotions more where perhaps recently we’ve been ignoring our feelings.

One word of caution is that Cancer can be overly protective and defensive and do things out of defense that it will regret later. With Mars in this sign, that defensive energy gets super-charged! So, when you feel yourself going immediately on the defense, ask yourself if that is truly what the situation is calling for. In some cases, it might!

One thing you don’t want to mess with right now is family. That’s Cancer’s hottest button. A great example of a super-charged Mars in Cancer would be Daenerys when it comes to her dragons. Her dragons have been her children ever since the eggs were given to her and we have seen her do some pretty instinctual, hasty, emotionally-charged, sometimes non-strategic things as a reaction to her dragons.

Here are a few things to think about for each Sun/Rising sign from May 17th to July 2nd:

Aries/Aries rising: Long-term planning and action items around the home for this transit. Perhaps you take major steps in buying a home or becoming more independent in your living situation. Just be wary of arguments within the family.


Taurus/Taurus rising: You might find yourself being more mentally alert with Mars in your communication house. Certainly there is more drive to share your message and point of view but with that comes the potential of becoming defensive and argumentative.


Gemini/Gemini rising: Mars is considered the manifesting planet and it just so happens to be in your personal finances house. This would be a good time to think about a long-term plan about your money or make a genuine effort to set yourself up for financial growth.


Cancer/Cancer rising: This may be quite a dynamic time for you with Mars in the house of self. Mars will give you a little more assertiveness, help you claim independence where necessary, and charge you up with confidence. The bedroom might see some action, as well. ;-)


Leo/Leo rising: Mars is in the 12th house of spirituality for you, Leo. This may encourage you to become a bit secretive and reserved during this time. Take advantage of that in order to connect with yourself on a deeper level. This would be a great time to explore your intuition.


Virgo/Virgo rising: You could find yourself being called to lead amongst your friends during this transit. Mars is in your community house but it’s also the hopes and dreams house. So with that, start taking the necessary actions that will help you achieve the biggest dreams you have for your life.


Libra/Libra rising: Your career and public life will experience a dose of energy. Think about the long-term goals you have for your career and start doing the things that will ultimately help you get there. Remember, you won’t get there overnight so no use in getting frustrated about it now.


Scorpio/Scorpio rising: Mars is giving you energy around your views, philosophies, and higher ideals. This is great to work with for getting deeper rooted into your philosophy but this also opens you up to defending it. Just be aware and don’t waste your breath where it isn’t needed.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: The energy planet is in the powerful and intimate 8th house for you. Yes, a high sex drive is to be expected but also energy around healing can also be expected. An odd mix but definitely an 8th house topic: long-term financial planning. Maybe double check your plan or put one in place.


Capricorn/Capricorn rising: Mars is in your partnership house so first of all: sex ;-) But second, this may be a time in which you look at the long-term vision you have for your relationships and making movements in them that align with that vision. However, check your defenses before arguing.


Aquarius/Aquarius rising: That bit earlier in this article about health is definitely for you, Aquarius. Mars is in your house of health and daily work so use this time to focus on any long-term health goals you might have and to get stuff done at work.


Pisces/Pisces rising: Mars may be encouraging you to be a bit competitive during this transit. This could come out in creative endeavors, romantic encounters, or even an athletic competition. One thing is for sure: follow that creative streak if it finds you.