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Soulstrology Posts

May cosmic update: Grounded, but flowing

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost May!

Before I dive into May’s cosmic update I wanted to remind you that Saturn is stationing retrograde in Capricorn and your Soulstrology blog, zodiac guide, cosmic coaching and more, is up to help guide you to make the most, not only out of this retrograde but also out of the very powerful Saturn in Capricorn transit which goes through 2020.

Also, our last live Member call is also now up.

As I will be traveling to Europe towards the end of May and start of June, we will not have a call this month and our next call will be a very special one just after the Summer Solstice and pre-eclipse season on Sunday June 23 at 9am PT.

Remember, you don’t have to be on the live call to enjoy the benefits of the information shared as we will always publish the recording afterwards but if you want to chat/ask me questions in real time/in person as such then do try and join live as these monthly calls provide an opportunity to do so.

Onward to May 2019….

This month we have the Sun in Taurus for the first three weeks until May 21.

Taurus season brings with it a grounded, earthy energy which should be quite calming and balancing.

There are no big planetary retrogrades occurring this month although of course we are at the early stages of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto’s annual retrograde motions which require work to be done, but these do not shake things up that much during the month of May.

When you review May 2019’s cosmic diary have a closer look at the aspects Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are making and take a note as those days may provide an opportunity for you to work with some of the themes of the respective retrogrades.

After the fiery energy of Aries season, the cosmos is asking each of us to root ourselves and to get grounded, but also to flow.

At first these two concepts can seem quite opposing by nature.

To be grounded can seem to be rooted, which can seem the opposite of flowing.

However, we must learn that in truth, this month and beyond, and our job is to be both grounded and flowing.

What this means is to be grounded within ourselves.

Within our values, our essence, deeply grounded in the core of who we are.

Grounded internally, meaning being emotionally grounded (emotional equilibrium as I like to call it, which you may hear me mention a few times on our call!) but also simultaneously flowing.

To be flowing means to be open to the cosmic currents and the different waves life brings our way.

To be flexible, adaptable and open.

By being grounded but also flowing means that we maintain a sense of self and our emotional center, and we aren’t overly swept up by the tides of life (be they seemingly ‘good’ or ‘bad’) and can flow with the currents of change, riding them to the best of our ability and harnessing their energy for our highest good.

As I mention on the call, given it is Taurus season and the element of earth is ruling the majority of this month, it is a very good idea to spend as much time outdoors, in nature, as possible.

You can also try earthing/grounding by going barefoot in nature.

Even if this means five minutes of walking barefoot in an urban park (think Richard Gere in Pretty Woman!) or a barefoot stroll on the beach, or just standing for a few moments in your front yard, or some green space, it just means any way in which you can connect to earth will help you to ‘earth’ and ‘ground’.

Confession, I am a tree hugger….yes, really, I randomly hug trees whilst out and about on my neighborhood stroll, it truly fills my Taurus moon with such deep joy and it grounds me!

Whatever works, works….

This month we must seek to find and maintain a grounded energy as it is from this place that we can best flow with life and make the most of any changes that come our way.

In the words of Virginia Woolf, “I am rooted but I flow”.

Mantra of the month

I embrace the opportunity to connect more deeply inwards and to create an inner equilibrium which helps me maintain an external equilibrium

With this in mind, I seek all and any opportunities to find inner peace, harmony and emotional balance and to honor what helps me to do so

I know that it is from this grounded place, with my feet firmly rooted, that I can best flow with any changes that may come my way over the next month

I trust that cultivating this ability to be both rooted and yet also flowing, will help me immeasurably both this month and beyond

Cosmic dates for your diary, including all the Soulstrology blogs (and a new Soulstrology Soundbath!) are set out below for your ease of reference.

May we each find what truly grounds us and helps us maintain an inner equilibrium regardless of external circumstances.

May we learn how to cultivate this daily, serving us this month and beyond to flow with both the ever changing cosmic currents and tides of life.


Ambi x


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