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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Taurus: May 16 - June 8 2019

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Taurus.png

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!

I hope you are enjoying the last week of Taurus season and are tapping into the powerful energies of the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon (more on this to come).

It’s a busy few days in the cosmos with cosmic lovers Venus and Mars both moving into different zodiac signs with Venus moving into Taurus tomorrow and Mars moving into Cancer the next day.

We have the wonderful Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology contributing her insights on these transits starting with a post on Venus in Taurus.

Side note from me: I LOVE Venus in Taurus transits as Venus is exalted (at home, in her best position) in Taurus plus I know she is transiting my natal moon and Jupiter so they get a boost of Venusian energies.

When reading the below post, you will read for both your Sun and Rising signs but don’t forget to also look at your charts and any planets you may have in Taurus. They will get a much needed boost from Venus and heads up, if you are a Taurus Sun or Rising, you get the Venus filter for the next few weeks - a great time for a makeover, to impress people, to put your best foot forward, to be seen as your best external self!

Enjoy the post from the lovely Lexie and don’t forget to check her out on Instagram where she posts lots of useful astro snippets almost daily.


Ambi x


A breath of relief. Venus is at home.

Taurus is one of the signs where Venus is “at home” in the natural zodiac. (The other sign being Libra.) Let’s just melt in this transit because it’s an one.

Venus in Aries was largely about self-love and being assertive and well, self-love isn’t really going away for this transit either. In fact, it’s even more important now. Taurus needs a bit of self-assurance and a bit of pampering. And this transit (from May 16th to June 8th) will be a great time to give that to yourself.

Here’s a little personal story that perfectly encapsulates this transit. While reading it, think of your own life and see if you can draw any parallels from it.

During Christmas last year, I received a gift card for a local massage chain in my area. The card itself has imagery and wording on it about getting a facial. I’ve had physical therapy massages but never in my life have I ever gone to a massage establishment to receive a massage, just ‘cuz. And I sure as hell have never had a facial apart from the charcoal ones I give myself when I really really feel like I’ve been an extra good adult.

The card is still taking up space in my wallet and everytime I see it, I think, “You really need to use this….Yeah, but, you don’t deserve it right now….What have you done to deserve getting a facial?....I kind of want a massage. Do I have to get a facial just because the card says so? I don’t know!....How much is even on the card? Do you even know what to ask for when you go to use this card?....You can use the gift card after you’ve done something to earn it.”

For one thing, I’m way over-analyzing HOW to use this gift card. Taurus can very easily get to that place because Taurus wants all the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted before starting on anything. But, HELLO!!! That’s one of the biggest things getting in the way of doing what you want to do!!! Second, the only time I’ve gotten any “pampering” like this is when it served a practical purpose. Taurus is very practical and there’s always a reason for doing something. But can’t that reason just be, because you want to? And third, I can’t seem to get over this idea that I need to “deserve” using this gift card. Taurus is a hard-worker and will very rarely sit back to acknowledge that it has in fact worked extremely hard. And the fact that this was a gift, means someone else has acknowledged my hard work long before I’ve acknowledged it for myself.

This is where the self-love comes in.

For this transit, I challenge you to answer the following the questions:

How hard am I working? What does “working hard” even mean to me? Have I been denying myself a simple pleasure in life because it’s not what I “deserve”? Specifically, what would make me feel like I would “deserve” that pleasure? Is it possible that I’ve already done the hard work to earn that pleasure? What are the fruits of my labor at this moment? Is that not enough to have earned pampering? Is my existence and continued effort not enough to deserve a little bit of pampering?

Here’s a few specifics for your Sun and/or Rising sign:


Aries - Venus is in your money house for this transit. This gives you great earning potential, along with spending potential. You’re pretty impulsive anyway, Aries, so maybe just take 5 deep breaths before you decide to drop some cash.

Taurus - Really focus on yourself for this transit. Venus is in your sign, giving you the ability to do a little bit of self-awareness work and bring light to your worth and your value. Having Venus in your sign also gives you a little more magnetism and a cheerful disposition.

Gemini - This is a time to connect with yourself on a deep level. Venus is in your house of spirituality and subconscious, giving you the ability to follow your deepest and most creative urges. This would also be a good time connect with your higher self.

Cancer - Connecting with friends would do you well during this transit. Get a little more involved in the groups you’re already in or explore a new one you’ve been eyeing. Use this time to get super dreamy about what you hope to accomplish.

Leo - Venus is in your career house, Leo, giving you even more charm and magnetism in this area of your life. It’s also giving you the power of justice and diplomacy. Venus is here to help you establish balance and order where necessary.

Virgo - Travel and/or other cultures might pique your interest. Or at the very least, understanding people with a different perspective than you may come into play. Make a genuine effort to understand them and find the harmony between your beliefs and theirs.

Libra - There is a possibility of gaining through others during this time. Venus sits in your house of joint ventures and intimacy. While yes, your sex life will most likely be lit, be on the lookout for ways you can create abundance with other people.

Scorpio - Your relationships are the focus for Venus this time around. Use Venus to help you establish a balance within your one-to-one relationships. Also, this really may be a time to get a little steamy with your partner.

Sagittarius - Harmony and balance in the workplace may be a theme for you. Venus is here to give you that ability to establish a level playing field. However, on the health front, just be mindful. Venus could inspire you to get overindulgent, perhaps for good reason?

Capricorn - Venus is in your house of romance and creativity. You may feel a little extra seen during this time as people might be more drawn to you. If you have had your eye on a creative endeavor but haven’t started, this would be an excellent time to follow it.

Aquarius - Beauty in the home is the theme for you during this transit. Venus sits in your 4th house of home inspiring you to get creative there, maybe even host a party and entertain your favorite people.

Pisces - Sharing your message may prove beneficial for you during this transit. Venus will be sitting in your house of communication and mental activity and it will give you a beautiful ability to infuse your message and self-expression with charm, harmony, and elegance.