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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Gemini: June 9 - July 3 2019

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Gemini.png

Hello and happy Sunday!

Today, Venus moves out of Taurus and into the Gemini ruled part of the zodiac where she will be infusing her energies for the next few weeks.

Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology is back with her insights on this transit for us.

We hope you enjoy and it helps you work with this transit!


Ambi and Lexie xo

On June 9th, Venus will officially be in Gemini and it will remain there until July 3rd. And let me just start by saying, Venus in Gemini has some exuberating differences from Venus in Taurus!

Venus in Taurus is very much in the body, it’s tactile, it’s physical. Venus in Gemini is all in the mind! There’s a pretty good chance that we will all need to be intellectually enamored before we hop into anyone’s bed during this transit. If you’re single and mingling, this is like a built in test gifted to you by the Universe - start with some intellectually stimulating conversations about anything and everything and if the other person can’t keep up or bores you out of your mind, it’s a no-go!

Gemini as a sign is known to lose interest pretty quickly so you might find that if you are not mentally stimulated by someone or something, you might be motivated to move on. If it’s a THING, screw it! Move on! Gemini season, especially coupled with Venus in Gemini, is all about following your interests unapologetically. But if it’s a PERSON? First, consider that the energy surrounding us right now is encouraging us to move from interest to interest. Second, consider the history of the relationship with that person. Basically what I’m saying is don’t make a hasty decision on someone who’s been in your life through thick and thin!

Venus definitely has a say in our money, so in terms of Venus in Gemini...well we could be making some hasty decisions with our spending, too. Gemini is a little careless with money, so just be aware of your spending habits during this time. This is a notorious time for people to get a wild hair that they’re SUPER interested in a new hobby and then buy everything “needed” for that hobby. For this example, let’s take photography. You might decide that since you’re SOOO INTO photography because you’ve taken like, 10 really great photos on iPhone Portrait mode, that it’s time to invest in ALL the photography gear!!

Probably not a good idea. If you are thinking about investing some cash into something, please for the love of all that is beautiful in this world, consider the PREVIOUS longevity of this thought. This is to say, don’t think about the future longevity of this investment, because that’s how you’re going to rationalize making the purchase. Nope, you’ve got to think about how long you’ve been dreaming of making this purchase, or investing in this hobby, or eyeing those killer shoes. If the amount of time is a reasonable match for said investment (i.e. a whole year of time and effort invested into a hobby or daydreaming about those shoes for two months) and you actually have the money to spend on this AND pay your bills, then it’s fair game.


All in all, Venus in Gemini is really about having fun, following your interests, having strong mental connections with people, and connecting with your friends. If you’re doing that, you’re living this transit up to its highest good!


Here are a few things for each of the signs to focus on during this transit.

Remember, read for both your Sun and Rising signs:


ARIES - People might be even more drawn to your ideas this month as Venus is giving you the power of appeal in the your house of communication. Being social and exploring thoughts with other people is a good thing for you that might even bring new opportunities.

TAURUS - Remember everything that above about money? That especially applies to you as Venus is in your money house this month. It is key for you to find the balance: this is a great time to allow those interests to make you money, but don’t go overboard on spending.

GEMINI - Venus is in your first house this month, making you more charming than ever! Many people will be drawn to you during this time which is likely your preference anyway. Use this time to make connections, have intellectual conversations, and follow your interests.

CANCER - Venus is in your spiritual and secretive house. Use this time to follow deep creative and spiritual urges, perhaps you might find a new practice that feels really good to you. Just be aware that this around this time, there’s more of a likelihood to get into an affair.

LEO - Friends, friends, and more friends! This is THE time to socialize, Leo! Venus is bringing her gifts to your house of community, hopes, and dreams. This would also be a great time to think about what it is you want for the future, and then try that out to see how you like it.

VIRGO - Time to shine Virgo! Venus is lighting up your career and public status house. You might find yourself in the limelight a little more with your Venusian charm. This is a great time to use Venus’ gift of balance and justice within your career.

LIBRA - Venus is in your house of mental exploration and travel this month. Connecting with people from other walks of life or other places in the world could bring you great interest and new opportunities. Use this time to explore new philosophies and ways of thinking.

SCORPIO - Feeling a little more frisky than usual? You might find it very easy to find someone (or multiple someones) to roll around in bed with during this month. Just make sure the desire is in the mind first and if you’re already coupled, this would be a great time to try new things in the bedroom.

SAGITTARIUS - Okay Sag, Venus is in your partnership house so everything written above about relationships REALLY applies to you. There could definitely be a focus on partnership for you during this month but be aware that your interests may fade quickly. Is it justified? Or are you being hasty?

CAPRICORN - With Venus in your house of health and daily work, this could be really great time to make worthwhile connections in the office for the purpose of creating a better work environment. Also, use this time to explore new health practices instead of falling into the overindulgent Venus trap.

AQUARIUS - Many interests, right? Your mind will not stop spewing creative idea after creative idea. But which one to choose?! Um, can’t it be all of them? Just trying something out doesn’t mean it’s your forever.

PISCES - House parties!! Okay, it doesn’t have to be a wild house party, but with Venus in your house of home, you may feel more inclined to host a gathering of sorts in your space. Perhaps throw a get together just for the purpose of intellectual conversations with one another.