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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019: Mind over matter

Ambi Sitham

Full Moon Scorpio.png

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon in Scorpio!

The Full Moon takes place this Saturday May 18 at 2.11 pm PT (adjust as always for your timezone) and falls at 27 degrees of Scorpio.

As always, you can use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to check where Scorpio rules in your unique natal chart but if you are more familiar with your chart then please see where you have any planets or points (so house cusps which if you use the Placidus house system to cast your chart, have a degree for each house cusp) at between 24-29 degrees of Scorpio as the Full Moon will be activating these planets or house cusps.

As you are all probably aware by now, Scorpio is an intense watery sign. The eighth sign, ruled by powerful and intense Pluto and in the natural zodiac governing some of the most intense life issues - sex, joint finances and death.

Full Moons are intense times and Full Moons in certain signs can be more intense than usual.

In watery, emotional Scorpio, la luna can illuminate some of our most deepest darkest fears, emotions, habits, behaviors and secrets.

Thanks to powerful Pluto who rules the subconscious mind, what we keep hidden (or perhaps don’t even realize are issues as they are so submerged within our subconscious mind) can rise to the surface, almost quite violently.

Soulstrology tells us that the dark side of Pluto is controlling, manipulative, ruthless and destructive.

The light of Pluto is deep transformation which empowers us, helps us be soulfully powerful and paves the way for a powerful rebirth.

Yep, triple power vibes is the light of Pluto!

Full Moons as you know by now are the highest point of the lunar cycle.

The Moon is at her biggest and brightest and literally illuminates the skies.

At a Full Moon we can experience big highs, whether emotionally/internally or physically/externally.

They can absolutely be celebratory times where matters come to fruition and completion.

We can feel energized, excited and celebratory.

Conversely they can be times when things are brought up to the surface and the lunar spotlight. Emotions we have kept hidden, issues which have been buried.

As we approach the Full Moon these matters can come up internally/emotionally and/or on the physical plane.

Something can happen. Someone can happen. Sh*t can happen.

Either way we all probably know all too well what the Full Moon feels are like.

Whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we can feel the energy building as we approach the Full Moon.

This is exacerbated depending on the exact aspects of the Full Moon itself and other celestial happenings at the specific time.

With Scorpio ruling some of the most intense aspects of life, such as sex, money, death, power and transformation, Scorpio Full Moons tend to be more intense than normal Full Moons but this doesn’t mean that they are ‘bad’, they can be extremely powerful celebratory times.

As always how it plays out for each of us depends upon how the Full Moon impacts our unique charts and what is happening in each of our different lives at this moment in time.

Nonetheless we should all be taking into account the different celestial aspects at play at this Full Moon and how we can work with those energies.

Both cosmic heavyweights Saturn and Pluto continue to sit side by side in Capricorn with Saturn sitting right by the South Node and opposing the North node.

This is playing out on a macro scale in some of the political and social issues being thrust into the limelight in this country and around the world.

Think the patriarchy, authorities - the powers that be (Saturn) and the past, tradition, what we are used to (the South node) and the future, what we are supposed to step into (the North node).

This theme has been playing out for the last month or so and will continue to do so for sometime.

In our lives the same themes apply but are directed towards the Capricorn/Cancer ruled parts of our charts/lives.

Venus now in Taurus, and Uranus, also in Taurus, sit side by side each other at this Full Moon meaning their energies combine in a powerful way.

Uranus rules sudden change and liberation. His energies bring those light bulb moments where we get sudden insights and inspirations which may birth new invention/creations.

He is also a disruptor, so can sometimes shake up our world in a seemingly less than pleasant way, but ultimately for our progression.

Venus rules love, creativity, abundance, beauty, peace and socializing.

Uranus and Venus side by side can bring unexpected shifts with matters of the heart, finances, creative projects, and our social lives.

Whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ all depends on what is happening in our lives and the filter through which we choose to view anything this aspect may bring and how we choose to respond.

Turning now to the main celestial aspect of this Scorpio Full Moon which relates to the Sun and Moon who are the key players at any New or Full Moon.

Mercury sits a few degrees away from the Sun in Taurus in an opposition aspect to the Full Moon.

Oppositions are tense aspects. The polarity of opposing zodiac signs/themes/energies can create tension that creates conflict.

Here the tension and conflict can come between our minds (Mercury) and our emotions (Scorpio Full Moon).

We must take care around communication (Mercury) and our emotions (Scorpio Full Moon).

There is the potential for tense, emotional communications.

The lunar spotlight illuminates what we need to deal with and while we must not suppress our emotions or bite our tongues fully, we must also be mindful that conversations do not get out of hand.

Thankfully there is great potential for communications to be constructive, productive and ultimately transformative for our lives thanks to Mercury (the mind/communication) making a sextile aspect to powerful Pluto who is the ruler of this Full Moon as he governs Scorpio.

We have the opportunity to harness the energy of Pluto to dive beneath the surface, to understand ourselves and our lives better and whether just in communication with ourselves through our thoughts, or in conversation with others, we have the opportunity to transform how we think about certain situations, which in turn will impact how we behave, which in turn will impact the outcome in our lives.

Which leads me nicely to the Soulstrology theme of this Full Moon - Mind over matter.

This is about harnessing the power of our minds to create certain realities, or to overcome certain challenges or obstacles.

This is about the power (Scorpio) each of us has to transform (Pluto) our realities from the inside - our minds.

If you know a Scorpio/Scorpio rising you will know how determined they can be. And sometimes that determination can be a bit much and can play out as the shadow of Scorpio.

But for the purposes of this Full Moon we want to focus on the light of this trait.

The ability to harness our minds in such a powerful way that we can change our realities, transform karma, shift our fates and step into our destinies.

We have assistance from the cosmos through the intensity of the emotional feels (and potentially communications) from the Mercury/Full Moon opposition.

These ‘Full Moon feels’ may be about a matter pertaining to a real life situation, a reality that causes us anxiety or distress.

But we can harness Mercury in grounded Taurus to soothe ourselves. To not get too overly emotional and to instead, as per the Soulstrology theme for May 2019, be grounded but flowing.

We can harness the power of Mercury and Pluto’s connection to dive deep into our subconscious minds to transform our psyche, our thoughts and beliefs around a certain situation so that we can truly have mind over matter and change our realities!

There are powerful energies at play which each of us can tap into and use to our advantage.

There are aspects which may bring unexpected (and welcome) changes thanks to Venus and Uranus.

And there is a distinctly transformative and karmic feel to events at this time thanks to the continued Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Saturn/north node opposition.

In order to live the future we desire, we must transform our psyche in the present, so we can step away from our pasts and into our destinies.

We must engage mind over matter…

More to come on your Soulstrology Scopes, but for now, allow the growing fullness of la luna to illuminate what you need to deal with and engage mind over matter about….think about those natural zodiac areas of life which Scorpio rules and the themes mentioned in this post, as well as of course the areas of life Scorpio rules in your specific chart.

More soon…


Ambi x


Aries/Aries rising: Joint finances of all sorts, sex, intimacy, transformation and death

Taurus/Taurus rising: Partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Gemini/Gemini rising: Daily routine, work and lifestyle. Health - mind, body and soul

Cancer/Cancer rising: Love/romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, hobbies, children - yours or others

Leo/Leo rising: Domestic/family life and home - who, what and wear means home to you

Virgo/Virgo rising: Your mind, communication, your voice in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Libra/Libra rising: Your personal finances and income, your possessions, your values - who and what you value and your self-esteem

Scorpio/Scorpio rising: Your identity, personal appearance and autonomy, how others view you

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: Healing, the hidden, your subconscious mind, work you do in private, secrets

Capricorn/Capricorn rising: Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support - your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Aquarius/Aquarius rising: Career, ambition, success and status. Ultimately your soul's legacy

Pisces/Pisces rising: Education/higher learning, spirituality/religion, foreign people/places, long distance travel, legal and publishing matters