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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon Scorpio Soulstrology Scopes

Ambi Sitham

Scorpio Full Moon.png

Hello lovely ones and happy almost Scorpio Full Moon.

As I write the Moon is waxing to fullness and shining brightly in the evening skies.

Soon she will be full, at her peak and most potent.

You may have already tapped into those Full Moon feels…and what this Full Moon represents for you, whether that is celebratory or cleansing, in some cases perhaps both!

Regardless, whether you choose to do this before the Full Moon, on the day of, or the day after, I encourage you to answer the cosmic coaching homework and engage in the Scorpio Full Moon ritual below (tweak the ritual as serves you). Please note the cosmic coaching may make more sense in the context of the Scorpio Full Moon blog, so I advise reading that prior to, or in conjunction with this post and particularly when answering questions below thinking about that concept of mind over matter.

  1. Review the areas of life ruled by Scorpio, namely sex, intimacy, money (particularly joint finances) death (can be literal or metaphorical), merging with another, control/jealousy issues. What would you like to release/transform/heal about these areas of life? Make notes.

  2. Again thinking about the above areas of life, is there anything can you celebrate? Think of things which you may have closure on (always a reason to celebrate) or things which have come to fruition or celebratory completion. Make notes.

  3. Review the life areas ruled by Scorpio in your unique chart (both your solar and natal chart, so based on your Sun and Rising sign). Once again ask yourself what you would like to release/transform/heal about these areas of life. Make notes.

  4. Again thinking about the above areas of life, check if there is anything you can celebrate? Keeping in mind the notes in question 2 above.

  5. Listen to a Soulstrology Soundbath. I have included a few at the bottom of this post, the new Soundbath while recorded is being edited, but unfortunately due to a true Scorpio Full Moon event my editor has been waylaid with a family emergency, so it may come out shortly after the Full Moon itself.. Whichever Soundbath (or there is also a Full Moon release meditation where I guide you through releasing!) you choose I recommend you to think about what it is that you want to achieve through the meditation. Set your intention before listening. Is it clarity you are seeking? Peace of mind? To be grounded? To heal? Set your intention, whatever it may be, then pop your headphones in, light some sage/palo santo or a candle and listen to the Soundbath.

  6. After the Soundbath see if you have any new insights. Is there something else to add to your celebration/completion list? Is there something to add to your healing/releasing/transforming list? Add/amend appropriately.

  7. Write up a Full Moon letter/list to the cosmos. Write what you are giving thanks for and are grateful for (all those things on your celebration/completion list) then write what you would like help transforming, healing, releasing, letting go of.

  8. Burn the list, best done outside if possible, or at least having looked up at the fullness of the moon for a few minutes. As the list goes up in flames give thanks for all that you and the cosmos have co-created with regards to the areas of life being illuminated by the Full Moon and surrender and give thanks for the healing, releasing and transforming of all the matters you identified and wrote on your letter/list (the answers to questions 1 and 3 above)

  9. Get outside and ground! We are in Taurus season and with the moon in Scorpio some of the antidote to the watery intensity of the Full Moon is to ground in earth. If you are down for some barefoot earthing (literally standing or walking barefoot on grass/sand or earth) then do that. If not, just do your best to get outside and ground in nature for a few minutes. The greener the better!

  10. Complete your Full Moon ritual with a water ceremony to honor the fluid power of Scorpio. Either take a shower visualizing the water washing away any remnants of what you wish to release and/or take a bath (with epsom salts ideally) to soak away any of those Full Moon feels.

  11. Listen to one more Soundbath when you are done. I recommend the Jupiter and Earth soundbath which was originally recorded for a Full Moon but has a very grounding and healing effect.

  12. Check out your Soulstrology Scopes (channeled messages, read for your Sun and Rising sign) and Full Moon mantras below!


I trust that deaths and rebirths are endless cycles of life and embrace that there are seasons for grieving and endings as there are seasons for celebrating and new beginnings

I embrace the season I find myself in, with gratitude for all that I have, compassion for all that remains to be healed and hope in all that is yet to transform

I know that there are certain situations in which my only job is to let go, relinquish control and choose to trust that in the end, the right outcome will prevail, for my highest good and the greater good of all

With this in mind I let go of what I cannot control and focus on what I can - my thoughts and my actions

I choose to be grateful, compassionate towards myself and others, and courageous


Aries/Aries rising: Transformation comes from merging

Taurus/Taurus rising: Use the mirror of partnerships to see you

Gemini/Gemini rising: Alignment comes from going off track

Cancer/Cancer rising: Celebrate every tiny victory

Leo/Leo rising: Home is where the heart heals

Virgo/Virgo rising: A clear mind is a clear channel

Libra/Libra rising: Value yourself to be valued

Scorpio/Scorpio rising: Death and rebirth, endings for beginnings

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: Succeed in silence

Capricorn/Capricorn rising: Soulful networking

Aquarius/Aquarius rising: Success is whatever serves your soul

Pisces/Pisces rising: To be a teacher is to be a student