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Soulstrology Posts

July 2019: Choices, chances, changes......

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost July…

As you will see from July’s cosmic diary below, we have an action packed month in the cosmos.

Between the eclipses, Mercury retrograde and cosmic lovers Mars and Venus changing zodiac signs at the start of the month, there is a lot happening in the skies above.

And as above, so below….

So it is safe to say we will all be experiencing shifts in our lives this month.

As a reminder, eclipses act as super charged New or Full Moons.

They activate certain houses in our charts, and act as catalysts for transformation of certain life areas.

In this sense, eclipse months are as portals for change which feel like a wormhole of sorts.

They have the ability to thrust us forwards into the future we desire, or one which we are destined for.

But they don’t always do so with ease, or grace.

I often talk about feeling as though you’ve been ‘eclipsed’ at certain times.

And what I usually mean by this is that the eclipses trigger sudden changes, some of which are positive - think of happy ‘breakthroughs’, but some of which can feel unwelcome.

We can feel as though the rug has been pulled out from underneath us and/or blindsided in some way and this can be very upsetting in the moment, indeed in some cases, causing a ‘breakdown’.

Ultimately eclipses serve us, but we may only be able to see that the changes were for our highest good, with the filter of hindsight.

Therefore it may take us sometime both to fully process events and for life to show us why something needed to happen and how it was ultimately for our highest good.

Eclipses invariably bring endings for new beginnings.

And as one door closes (or slams shut in some cases) another door opens, and in that way, eclipses are a doorway to a new chapter in our lives.

With an intense Mercury retrograde taking place during eclipse season, it is safe to say that this eclipse season will be more intense than most.

I will be sharing more insights and downloads on this in due course (as you will see from the cosmic diary, there are plenty of Soulstrology Member posts this month!) so you can best navigate the month ahead.

Soulstrology tells us that regardless of what happens this month, July 2019 is a month of choices, chances and changes.

But it is up to us to decide what choices we make and therefore how we choose to respond to both chances and changes, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

And it is those choices which will determine the ultimate outcome of those chances and changes.

Remember that the essence of Soulstrology is cosmic consciousness and that we are co-creating with the cosmos.

The stars impel but do not compel.

Ultimately it is up to each of us to educate ourselves, to be aware of the energies at play, to choose to work with them to the best of our ability, and to some degree to surrender to the process of life and navigate it as gracefully as we possibly can.

That is the seed of consciousness we are asked to plant as we bid June farewell and embrace July 2019 for what it is.

Mantra of the Month

I embrace this month for what it is, and whatever it may bring

I trust that ultimately there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, there is just life, and that whatever takes place this month, is a necessary part of my life process.

I open my eyes, mind and heart to the chances and changes which may come my way and know that I have a choice in how I respond to them

I know that I am a powerful co-creator with the cosmos and that both my choices and my consciousness will ultimately determine the future

With this in mind, I approach this month both confident and courageous, knowing I have everything within, to make the best of this month’s energies, whatever they may be

May your choices reflect your highest selves and may you flow with the tides of change which take you to sweet shores…

I am wishing you all a powerful month ahead!


Ambi x

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