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Soulstrology Posts

Summer Solstice 2019, Mercury retrograde shadow, Neptune Retrograde and *new* Soulstrology Soundbath with Pluto and Jupiter

Ambi Sitham

Summer 2019.png

Hello lovely ones and happy Summer Solstice/Neptune turns retrograde/Mercury pre-retrograde shadow!

Whew. So much going on in the cosmos and we are hot off the heels of that Sagittarius Full Moon, which I don’t think I need to tell you, was rather intense!

With this in mind and knowing the transformative energies ahead with eclipse season around the corner, I recorded a new Soulstrology Soundbath with the sounds and vibrations of Jupiter and Pluto, to help you work with both Jupiter retrograde, Pluto retrograde and the changing seasons and shifts from the eclipses.

In this recording I will be guiding and directing you as to how you can make the most out of the Soundbath before you settle in to the sounds and vibrations of Jupiter, Pluto and several crystal chakra bowls and chimes.

It is at the bottom of this post and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it for you :)

Onward to all the other cosmic events occurring within a 24 hour period on a very energetically charged day, off the back of a very powerful Full Moon…

Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow begins just hours before this Friday’s Summer Solstice at 24 degrees of Cancer. What is interesting about the degrees of the shadows is how much they relate to the entire retrograde. Because Mercury will end his retrograde on July 31 at 24 degrees Cancer. This shows us the cosmic link between the start of the shadow period and the end of the retrograde and explains why the pre (and post) retrograde shadow (s) are so important.

I will be writing a detailed separate post on this forthcoming Mercury retrograde but for now, look at your chart to see where you may have 24 degrees of Cancer through to 4 degrees of Leo because it is within these degrees and zodiac signs that the forthcoming Mercury retrograde in Leo and Cancer will be taking place.

Also notice what may come up at this time.

With the Summer Solstice (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere) there is a surge of ‘light’ and energy which may illuminate, by way of little synchronicities, what the forthcoming Mercury retrograde represents for us individually.

Don’t overthink it, just be aware and mindful of things that pop up and/or synchronicities which take place.

As well as Mercury’s shadow beginning this day, we also have Neptune turning retrograde at the Summer Solstice for his annual backwards dance.

His retrograde takes place between 18 and 15 degrees of Pisces and will last for a five month period, ending November 27 2019.

During his retrograde we will be able to revisit these particular degrees of Pisces in our unique charts and feel Neptune’s energies infusing these life areas.

In most cases this will be the removal of the veil of Neptunian delusion (the shadow of Neptune) giving us clarity and insights as to how we can achieve the light of Neptune in these life areas - namely, spirituality, expansiveness, creativity and compassion.

It is important to note if you any planets and house cusps at these degrees of Pisces as if you do then you will feel the retrograde more than others.

Also, Pisces and Pisces risings will also generally feel the retrograde more than the rest of us, as Neptune is your ruler.

Given Jupiter’s recent square with Neptune at the Sagittarius Full Moon which probably gave us all a much needed reality check, and given that this square will be exact once again just days before the Fall Equinox in September when the God of the ocean is still in backward motion, it is fair to say that 2019’s Neptune retrograde represents reality checks in our lives and asks us to get real and see things - ourselves and situations for what they are and to have the hope, faith and spirituality of both Neptune and Jupiter, but back it up with some structure and boundaries…

The Summer Solstice itself represents the official start of the Summer, the longest day of the year, with the maximum physical light and astrologically marks the beginning of Cancer season.

As the midway point of any year, it signifies a turning point, not only because of the shift in seasons, both in nature and astrologically, but also because it reminds us that any year can be one of two halves.

In this case, 2019’s Summer Solstice also acts as a warm up for eclipse season, as we will experience the second set of 2019 eclipses starting just ten or so days later with a powerful solar eclipse in Cancer.

Soulstrology tells us that 2019’s Summer Solstice represents the energy and light we want to infuse in the rest of our 2019 experience.

We would all have had certain experiences in 2019 so far. Some ‘good’, some ‘bad’, some we may feel indifferent about. In some cases the scales will tilt further to one side of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or maybe even flat lining somewhat in indifference - a meh kind of, ‘it’s not that bad, but it’s not that great’ type of feeling.

Whatever you feel your 2019 has been so far, now is the time to plant the seeds within your consciousness and the physical plane, of what you want the remainder of your 2019 to be.

What words or phrase or images come to mind when you think about what you want from the rest of this year?

You can engage in a simple ritual at the Summer Solstice to connect to the new season, to mother earth and to the powerful cosmic energies at play.

I suggest a walking meditation in nature, giving thanks for all you’ve experienced so far in 2019 - the blessings, the challenges, the lessons.

You can listen to the Soulstrology Soundbath at the same time and/or listen to it afterwards.

Then think about the new season which lies ahead, which for most of us is Summer.

What do you envision yourself doing? Being? Feeling?

What words and images come to mind?

And what do they tell you about what you want from both this next season and the remainder of 2019?

My words/phrase for 2019 were ‘abundant, joyful flow’ and 2019 has certainly been that, but it’s also been VERY busy and as I envision the Summer (which also happens to be the last trimester of my pregnancy) and the rest of the year, I see a slower pace, more ease, doing less and being more.

I will be completing my ritual along with you and I will come up with my words/phrase and set my intention for 2019, but I wanted to share the above with you in case it helps you to think more deeply about the remainder of your 2019.

After your walking meditation and some time in nature, I encourage you to connect to the healing waters of Cancer season with a water ritual. For some this may be as simple as drinking a glass of water that you visualize as holding the energies of what you want the remainder of your 2019 to be.

For others this may involve a shower meditation where you visualize the water washing you clear of the first half of the year, keeping only the good and releasing the ‘bad’.

For bath lovers like me, this may be a great opportunity for a salt bath soak, a time to let your muscles unwind, as you allow the healing salt waters to cleanse you physically and energetically.

As always, your ritual is one you can customize so you feel it serves you best, but the above is a guideline for those seeking a little direction.

Happy Summer Solstice 2019!

May the light shine bright in each of our lives, guiding us to our next chapter and season of life.

And so it is.


Ambi x