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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Leo: July 1 - August 17 2019

Ambi Sitham

Mars in leo.png

On July 1st until August 17th, Mars will be in fiery sign, Leo. Mars is at home in Aries which tells us that Mars is quite comfortable being in other fire signs. It may not be home, but it certainly feels natural. 

The sign of Leo is big, bold, expressive, stubborn, entertaining, grandiose, dramatic, loyal, focused, determined, luxurious, affectionate, self-concerned, and playful, to name a few characteristics. It is ruled by the Sun which is a main driver behind Leo being so individualistic and Leo often saying, “Hey, look at me!”. 

We know what Mars is about. It’s the energy planet. It governs our energy, sex-drive, forcefulness, actions, and ambitions. So when we are trying to understand how this is going to impact us as a collective, let’s picture Mars as one of the characters we play in our lives, and then picture a Leo costume on that character. Here’s how that looks:


Energy and Action

We could have so much more energy to do the things that we want to do with Mars in Leo! Such a contrast to Cancer. Leo values action above talk. You may find yourself or the people around you physically doing more, and even getting almost angry at those who don’t do “as much as” other people. Our saving grace with this is the Cancer Sun that is a bit more understanding than Leo, but the Leo Mars is more energetic than the Cancer Sun so what you might find is actions being made that might seem brash or harsh, and then the Cancer energy comes in to smooth everything over.



Mars in Leo is a sexually charged transit. Leo can be very affectionate but what might be felt more here is that it’s very easy for Mars in Leo to win the affections of others. There’s a feeling of dramatization with sexual activities when Mars is in Leo. Almost as if the bedroom was a stage and you’re putting on a show for each other - not in the way of being “fake” but to really display how badly you want the other person. Which brings me to a big point when it comes to anything Leo: feeding the ego. This is especially important if you’re coupled. With Mars in Leo, it is important to use this placement to make your partner feel loved, appreciated, and wanted. If not, Mars in Leo very quickly turns to anger.


Ambition and Goals

Mars in Leo has BIG goals and it can make them happen too! Use this time to establish that big goal you have and use the energy to accomplish it or make big strides in your path. Because of the fixed Leo nature, once a goal is made, it’s almost like tunnel vision to get to that goal. This is definitely a benefit for us all after that Mars in Cancer transit that didn’t really push us too hard in our goals. One thing about Leo that will really help here is Leo’s creativity. Use it to help you form your plan in how to get to that goal!

As explained earlier, Mars is a character we play and Leo is the costume. Below is the scene in which this energy will primarily be present for you. Don’t forget to look at both your Sun and Rising signs.


Aries - More competition, bigger sex-drive, more impulsive behavior. Mars is in your 5th house which governs romance and fun. So definitely get out there and play some sports! You also could find yourself in more leadership situations during this transit. Run with them!


Taurus - The 4th house of home gets a lovely dose of energy! You might find yourself increasingly motivated to own a home or to find a more permanent living solution. You might also be inspired to entertain in your home. There is a bigger chance of arguments with your family, though.


Gemini - Mars is in your 3rd house of the mind, supercharging your mental activity! There’s some energetic brain power here so use it in the best way you see fit. Perhaps that’s solving problems at work or at home. This house also has short trips so be aware of your driving speed.


Cancer - With Mars in your 2nd house of money, there’s some good energy around making money! This would be a good time to establish a money goal, use Leo creativity to form a plan, and then go after that plan! Just watch out for impulsive spending and carelessness with money.


Leo - Mars is in your 1st house of self so this will definitely be helping you in drawing people to you. You may find yourself being even more assertive than usual and really stepping into your bravery. Just be cognizant that you aren’t being too domineering for the situation at hand.


Virgo - Mars is in your 12th house of spirituality. This is a good time to turn that energy inward and work on your healing journey. You might find that your intuition has a boost during this time. Use it to really learn how your intuition speaks to you so that you can use it going forward.


Libra - Mars is in your 11th house of community. This could get you feeling very inspired to do some humanitarian work or to fight for the human rights you believe in. This would be a great time for you to step into your leadership within the communities you’re already in.


Scorpio - Big things for your career for Mars in Leo. Mars is in your 10th house, inspiring you to merge career and passion, and to also get shit done! Use this transit to either get passionate about work again and use that fire to accomplish some things or use Mars to develop a plan to make your passion your career. (If you choose the latter, the key work is “plan”, not “impulsively do”.)


Sagittarius - So much energy in travel for this transit! Mars is in your 9th house of travel and mental exploration so you might find that you’re planning your next big trip (or taking one!). This is also a time to really get passionate about your beliefs, but just be aware of the argument potential with this planet.


Capricorn - This might be a great time to increase your astrology studies as Mars is in your 8th house of the occult and joint ventures. Mars is giving you energy in the form of research, digging deep, and even finding or providing healing. This is a very sexually charged placement, as well. 


Aquarius - Mars is in your 7th house of partnerships which governs any one to one relationship. You might find you’re attracting more people to you or that you’re inspired to become an individual within the relationship. Arguments are typical with Mars in this house so just be aware of that.


Pisces - This is a really great time for work and health goals as Mars is in your 6th house of health and routine. For health, you may consider competition an option, maybe play a rec sport or join a health focused competition that work is hosting. Just be aware that arguments with coworkers could arise.

Alexandria (Lexie) Rollet