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Soulstrology Posts

Note on the Nodes

Ambi Sitham

Note on the Nodes copy.png

Hello lovely ones,

Today we have a guest post by the fabulous Jordan Shomer, a fellow cosmic seeker and Soulstrology superstar.

In line with eclipse season (which is essentially about the moon’s nodes and the themes they reflect) Jordan is contributing two articles to our community on the lunar nodes.

I hope you enjoy her cosmic pearls of wisdom!

Check Jordan out on Instagram and drop her a line to say hi on


I’m sure you’ve heard that we are entering into ever ominous eclipse season. But like, what does that even mean?! Well, the eclipses are lunar events occurring on the moon’s nodal axis and act as a giant kick in the pants prompting us to take action around the themes ruled by the signs the eclipses fall in. Meaning we can’t enter eclipse season without talking about the Moon’s Nodes.

The Nodes are mathematical points that fall into opposing signs in your chart. We look to our nodes to understand our destiny or soul’s purpose. The sign and house your South Node falls into allows you a peek into you past life. The energy of your South Node is your cosmic comfort zone, a set of skills and challenges you brought with you into this life from past lifetimes. The sign and house your North Node falls in indicates what you soul is longing to evolve towards, it is your destiny to learn and implement the lessons of your North Node. Because these points sit opposite each other in the sky, the work that needs to be done in order to take strides towards your North Node is typically difficult or uncomfortable or scary or any combination of these things. Using the skills of your South Node to move toward your North Node is ideal, but that’s easier said than done. Our South Node also holds many of our longest standing habits, patterns, limiting beliefs that must be brought into awareness before we are really able to unpack where the work is.

Sure, you can spend your whole life living in your South Node, in your comfort zone, doing the things that come easily to you, and be fine. But how do you feel about being stuck in “fine” for this life of yours? We have souls longing to evolve past our cosmic circumstances. Meaning even though you may be perfectly fine in that South Node, feelings of being stuck or wanting to BUST OUT may arise. That’s because your soul has so much more in store for you.

To find your North Nodes, populate your birth chart and look for the symbol that looks like this . Most charts only show your North Node. Your South Node will sit in the exact degree of the opposite sign of North Node. For example, if you North Node is at 10° of Gemini, that means your South Node will be at 10° of Sagittarius.

During this upcoming eclipse season, we are working with the themes of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. With the South Node sitting in Capricorn, we may feel compelled to seek external answers to questions surrounding ideas of, what am I supposed to be doing? What is expected of me? What are my responsibilities? Capricorn is serious about seeking status and validation out in the world. While the North Node in tender Cancer asking us to sit with questions like, who are you truly responsible to? How can we be responsible for nurturing ourselves and those around us? Cancer challenges us to tend to our internal landscape with the same determination and fervor we pour into our work and career. If you have been considering re-evaluating your work-life balance, this is the time to do so. Relinquishing control and surrendering to what comes when we step into the fullest, most cared for, version of ourselves. Self-care is our superpower during this season, so dive in. Beyond the face masks and lazy Sundays, how can you show up for yourself in a compassionate and vulnerable way; physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally?