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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Cancer: July 3 - 27 2019

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Cancer.png

Beautiful and harmonious Venus is moving into caring Cancer on July 3rd and will remain there until July 28th. In this article, I want to give you a little lesson in compatibility, and you’ll quickly understand why I’ve chosen THIS Venus transit to talk about it ;-)

When it comes to compatibility between two people and two birth charts, one trick to take is to first identify the Sun sign (obvi) and then look at your own chart and see if you have any personal planets in your partner’s Sun sign, and vice versa. So for an example, let’s say you’re a Cancer Sun and your partner is a Leo Sun. Look in your own chart to see if you have the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in Leo. And then look at your partner’s chart and see if they have one of those 4 celestial bodies in Cancer. 

This is such a wonderful trick in compatibility because it lets you see where you have similarities. If your identity (Sun) is aligned with the way they feel and express love (Venus), it’s more of a natural fit as you already understand where they are coming from in love and will usually find it easier to satisfy those needs.

I bring compatibility up in THIS transit, because well, my partner is about to have his Venus return in Cancer and I will be having my Solar return in Cancer. And then a few days after, he will have his Solar return in Leo and I’ll have my Venus return in Leo. No wonder we LOVE Summer ;-) 

With Venus in Cancer, especially while we still have the Sun in Cancer, it will be a couple of weeks full of romanticism and showing your love. Venus in Cancer wants nothing more than to be loved and show love, although it will be kept under wraps. Anything with Cancer has a hard exterior to it, so during this time, we will want to be loved harder and so will our partners, but none of us are going to notify the other that that’s what we want. And then when we aren’t receiving the love we’ve been craving, the claws will come out. 

These lovely feelings we will be having won’t have rose-tinted glasses, though, as we will consider the longevity of these relationships first. This is one reason why Cancer goes too far too quickly in relationships because the long game is always on their mind. If Cancer has decided that this relationship has the potential for security, it will start acting as if that is already in existence. 

Security is so important to Cancer that during this Venus transit, it is really important to make our mates feel safe, loved, and adored if we want to get in their bed. It’s such an interesting game we will all be playing because Venus in Cancer wants to be pursued, not the pursuer. But that’s kind of how we will all be feeling, so who’s actually going to do the pursuing?? Well, we all should pursue. And how beautiful this time will be if we are all showering each other with love so that the other can open up even more, creating even stronger bonds. 

Obviously this all sounds pretty romantic but it doesn't have to just be romantic. This could be with coworkers, employees, bosses, friends, family members, or anything. Even setting aside “love” for these people, if you are still wanting to build meaningful relationships, showing them how you appreciate them will go far. 

Below, find your Sun sign and your Rising sign to discover exactly where in life Venus in Cancer will be impacting you.


Aries - For this transit, Venus is activating your 4th house of home so get creative, throw a party, and/or call your mom! This is a great time to show your home some design love if you’ve been thinking about it lately. This would also be a wonderful time to spend time with family, especially if it hasn’t been a priority lately.


Taurus - Your communication and your mind will have some Venusian influence that may bring out your artistic side. You may find your social life ramp up a bit as Venus will give you an irresistible edge. Use this time to deliver beautiful and fair messages to those around you.


Gemini - With Venus in yous 2nd house of possessions, you might get a little creative with making your money and maybe even attract more money to you. This would also be a great time to focus on what you truly value for long term security when it comes to relationships and partnerships.


Cancer - Venus will be in your first house of self and identity, giving you a Venusian dose of attraction. It’s hard to resist someone when Venus is in their 1st house. You might feel extra flirty and affectionate. This is also a great time to get more creative. Watch out for your potential narcissistic tendencies during this time. 


Leo - With Venus in your 12th house, you may feel a little more inclined to be private during this transit. This is a great time to get very creative and follow your creative urges. Look out for having secret love during this transit, though.


Virgo - Venus is in your 11th house giving you an enticing aura for lots of people to be around. Your social life may see an increase and might even find new opportunities through other people. There’s a chance that you have a close friend that you might start looking at romantically.


Libra - Your career will get a dose of Venusian energy this transit. This is very helpful in finding new opportunities or creating more balance and harmony in what you’re actually trying to achieve. This may also get you thinking about the long-term vision of your career.


Scorpio - Venus is in your 9th house of mental exploration and travel. This would be a good time to create a vision board of where you’d like to travel and to think about what your values really are in life, what’s your code of conduct, and what do you really believe in?


Sagittarius - Intense sexual opportunities with Venus in your 8th house. Watch out for looking for your worth via sex during this transit, though. With such an intense house being activated by such a harmonious planet, there’s a chance of not seeing things for what they really are here.


Capricorn - Venus is in your house of partnerships, bringing them to the forefront of your mind. Use this time to think about what you value about your partnerships. This would be a good time to get dreamy about the longevity of the relationship. 


Aquarius - There’s an opportunity for laziness in your health routine with this transit, but there’s also an opportunity to get really creative with what you choose to do to move your body. This is also a great time at work, especially if there are fires to put out as you will often be the voice of reason. 


Pisces - Venus is in your 5th house of romance and fun! Socializing will be at the forefront and a few suitors may even come your way. But remember, this is Cancer so although all the options seem enticing, use the Cancer energy to discern which ones, if any, truly deserve your energy.


Alexandria (Lexie) Rollet