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Soulstrology Posts

Capricorn Full Moon Lunar eclipse July 2019: Reality checks and rebirths

Ambi Sitham

Cap Lunar Eclipse.png

Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn!

This partial lunar eclipse/Full Moon takes place at 2.38pm PT on Tuesday July 16 2019, adjust for your timezone to work out what time it will be taking place for you.

The lunar eclipse/Full Moon falls at 24 degrees of Capricorn, so if you are more of a Soulstrology pro and familiar with your chart then please check if you have any planets or points at 24 degrees of Capricorn, because if you do, then they will be directly activated by this Full Moon lunar eclipse as this Moon will be conjunct that planet/point. Which will make this a very powerful Full Moon eclipse for you!

Even if you have planets between 21 - 27 degrees of Capricorn, these are close enough by to be activated by the Full Moon lunar eclipse, so again, check your chart if you are familiar with reading it in this way.

For a more simple way of checking where this Full Moon lunar eclipse falls, you can just refer to the Soulstrology zodiac guide at the bottom of this post, reading for both your Sun and Rising sign to see the life areas being illuminated under the lunar spotlight.

As always the natural zodiac themes will apply to each of us, meaning that we each need to consider the Capricorn themes of success, status, solid foundations and structures, career, ambition, goals, achievement and maturity at this time.

You are all probably aware that we are in eclipse season and that this Capricorn Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, making it an extra charged Full Moon, in other words, more intense than the usual Full Moons and also creating a more powerful cosmic window of opportunity for us to work with.

This Full Moon lunar eclipse brings to fruition the January 5 2019 Capricorn solar eclipse and marks a powerful turning point for our 2019 experience.

Your Soulstrology Scopes will help you to work with this potent cosmic portal, with cosmic coaching, a ritual and more, but for the purposes of this post, I wanted to share the Soulstrology cosmic consciousness, which alone, even without your Soulstrology Scopes (if rituals and homework are not your thing), will help you to navigate the Capricorn Full Moon.

As you can no doubt see from the title of this post the Soulstrology theme for this lunar eclipse is ‘Reality checks and rebirths’.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the cosmic life coach and zodiac taskmaster, who sees things as they are, in black and white, and is associated with ‘reality’ and indeed at times, with harsh reality checks..

At this time, Saturn is sat right by the South Node, that point in the zodiac which relates to the collective karma we are each uniquely working through on an individual basis.

The South Node represents the past, what we are accustomed to, what comes easily to us, what is our comfort zone.

It also represents talents or gifts which we have, things which come naturally and easily to us.

The South Node isn’t ‘bad’ by any means (and Soulstrology teaches us no planet or aspect is really ‘bad’), however the South Node can represent a ‘rut’ of sorts, something we are trying to move away from in this lifetime and karmic baggage.

Saturn rules many things, from success, status and achievement, to our limitations and fears.

At this particular Full Moon, the placement of Saturn so closely to the South Node means that we are being asked the extent to which our old ways, habits, comfort zones, ruts and our fears, may be limiting us and stopping us from creating the foundations for success, from achieving our goals, climbing the proverbial mountain (Capricorn is the mountain goat after all) and ultimately getting to the top of the mountain, whatever that may uniquely look like for each of us.

We are also being given the opportunity to get really real about our 2019 experience and for some of us this may mean a huge reality check, taking stock of our goals and vision for 2019 and looking at where we are in the middle of the year.

Saturn asks us to see clearly what our limitations are, and how we may be limiting ourselves, whether through our beliefs, our actions, which keeps us stuck, or in a rut.

This may be far from pleasant for some, who will have a rude awakening and a rather harsh reality check, but remember, even in such cases, this is designed to serve us.

We aren’t being punished, in truth we are being pushed.

Pushed to break free of limiting beliefs and fears, pushed to get out of our own ways, with self-sabotaging behaviors, and pushed to break free of our own limitations, so we can be who we are supposed to be, and receive our destined dues.

When people talk about manifesting (and remember Capricorn/Saturn are the ultimate manifestors!) they can be all talk and no action. Or all talk and the wrong action…

At this time, we can look back clearly on our 2019 goals and visions and take stock of where we are at, and where necessary, hold ourselves accountable for what is, or what isn’t happening.

Full Moons are an intense time and the fact this is a lunar eclipse which also takes place during a mercury retrograde, makes this one even more intense.

We must know that wherever we are right now is a result of our actions.

What happens next and where we go next, will be a result of what we choose to do next.

Saturn and the South Node hold us accountable at this time and will show us, that in truth, we are reaping (or not) what we have sown.

Meanwhile Venus sits by the North Node opposing Saturn and the South Node.

This aspect offers differing outcomes and duality (as Soulstrology teaches us, most aspects do).

On the one hand, this tense opposition aspect adds to the energy of somewhat harsh reality checks, with reality and lessons (Saturn) perhaps squashing some of our romantic, financial or creative notions (Venus) and showing us what we need to move away from (the South Node) in order to achieve (Saturn) harmony, be creatively productive, live in abundance, receive love (Venus).

Oppositions are often feared, but they are often what bring results and shifts things in our lives.

For some, this opposition aspect will see a fruition of creative, financial, or romantic endeavors, which leads to success, or a change in status in some way and helps the individual to both grow and climb their unique mountain, go further towards the peak and achieve their destiny (the North Node).

Both Venus and Neptune (in the water signs of Cancer and Pisces respectively) make a harmonious trine aspect to each other and Neptune sextiles Saturn, meaning that the somewhat differing energies of the softer, more romantic, dreamy and creative, flowing water signs and love filled planets can work with the grounded, practical, realism of earthy Saturn in Capricorn.

Reality checks are undoubtedly the name of this lunar eclipse’s games and sometimes reality checks bring literal checks and ‘rewards’ of all sorts, whereas at other times, they can be harsher for us to deal with.

Either way, we must remember that we are not victims of external circumstances.

We are active participants in our lives, through our decisions, our actions, our responses.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us.

Saturn reminds us of this at this time, and that we truly do reap what we sow.

We need to take what is happening at this time, where our lives are (or aren’t) and take responsibility for it.

By taking responsibility and doing the work (Saturn) we will in time achieve our desires.

As the saying goes, it is never too late to become what you might have been.

Soulstrology says that eclipse season reminds us that it is not too late to have the 2019 we desire, but we do need to get real, roll up our sleeves and do the work to get to where we want to be.

The other big theme of this Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse is that of rebirths, thanks to power player Pluto who sits by the moon in Capricorn.

Although not an exact conjunction, the placement of Pluto so close to the Moon may prove very intense.

Pluto does not mess about and he can have us feeling all the feels.

He brings everything to the surface, all the darkness that may be lurking underneath, or purposefully swept under the carpet, Pluto will drag into the light of the lunar spotlight, so that we can see it, feel it, heal it and transform it.

Pluto’s energies are associated with destruction and ‘death’ of sorts.

And while the Soulstrology theme of this Full Moon lunar eclipse is that of rebirths, we must remember that rebirths often come from ‘death’ and endings.

In fact the destruction, or death is a necessary part of the rebirth.

Because as the saying goes, destruction is often the first act of creation.

It is very likely that many will experience an ending at this time.

Maybe it will relate to a matter on the physical plane.

Or maybe it will be more energetic.

An internal shift, the ending of a way of thinking, being and doing.

Either way, this ending is necessary and in truth it offers us a fantastic opportunity for transformation and a powerful rebirth.

For some this may be the result of reaping the rewards of their work over the last six months, bringing success and celebration, offering a powerful rebirth and new chapter in which to pursue more of the same.

For others, this may mean the cosmos seemingly imposing endings and bringing destruction, meaning we experience painful endings, but ultimately, as always, it is for our highest good.

Either way, whether we are celebrating achievement at this time, or commiserating endings and focusing on healing, we can harness these powerful celestial energies as the catalyst for creating the remainder of our 2019 experience and to make this the year we wanted it to be back in January when we all sat with our New Year’s resolutions, or our Solar Eclipse manifesting lists, or, to make the rest of this year, what we want it to be, given where we are at right now in our lives.

Reality checks and rebirths, a powerful portal to bring completion, closure and to move forward into a new chapter.

This is what Soulstrology teaches us this powerful Capricorn Full Moon eclipse offers each of us.

What we do with this information, will determine what comes next.

For now, I recommend reviewing your chart, sitting with the life areas bubbling up into the lunar spotlight and the themes of this Full Moon.

Your Soulstrology Scopes (coming soon) will provide the customized cosmic coaching, ritual and a selection of curated Soulstrology Soundbaths to assist you with working with these energies in a more practical way.

More coming soon…


Ambi x


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