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Ambi Sitham

In another episode of the Alchemy of Manifesting series, Ambi explores the power of privacy as a manifesting tool.

She discusses how and why we have become less private and the impact this can have on our goals and lives.

Ambi shares her own journey with using privacy as a tool for manifesting in her life.

A special thanks to Pop & Suki for sponsoring this episode. Visit their site and use code ALCHEMY at checkout to save 15%. 

Inspired by the Scorpio New Moon

(7:00) What is privacy?
(8:43) How have we become a society that shares everything?
(15:28) What your goals need most to manifest is your energy, your light, your attention
(15:59) If your goals and dreams have too much exposure to the outside world before the time is right, it can stop them from manifesting 
(18:46) Not everyone has your best interest at heart, even if they think that they do
(20:53) People project their experiences into others 
(23:00) Too much too soon; making sure something’s ready to be shared
(24:34) Twists and turns; when your manifestations go through highs and lows along the way
(26:25) By being more private, we aren’t feeding into the drama of the twists and turns along the road to manifestation 
(32:19) My own experiences in playing with the power of privacy
(42:37) This weeks homework: 

  • Review your goals, hopes and wish lists

  • Review when you’re talking about them, who you’ve been talking about them to, how you’ve been talking about them, when you’ve been sharing about them

  • Review the things your struggling to manifest, see how you can use the powerful tool of privacy to help with your manifestation


Ambi Sitham

IIn another of the Meet an Alchemist series, Ambi sits down with Lauren Haas  - chef, holistic health and lifestyle coach of 

Lauren shares her journey of overcoming an early diagnosis of ADHD and a reliance on adderall which led to an eating disorder.

She explains how she alchemized her life which allowed her to pursue her true purpose in life to help others create healing from the inside out.

(2:00) About Lauren’s journey
(12:29) The big moment that triggered Lauren to start her healing 
(14:50) The 2 big lessons she received from her contractual soulmates 
(18:37) “Instead of working on your weaknesses, work on your strengths”
(20:20) What Lauren does today, and how she helps others 
(22:00) If you don’t feel well, you can’t think straight 
(23:49) You only get one body, it’s your responsibility to look after it
(29:32) What trait to you most dislike in other people?
(30:30) What is one of your greatest fears?
(31:08) What is the quality you most like in a man?
(33:10) What is one thing you would like to share with our listeners?
(34:06) Where can we find you, how can we work with you?

You can email Lauren at:


Ambi Sitham

In this episode Ambi tackles the subject of manifesting and specifically how we can get out of our way and blocking the manifestation of our desires. 

She discusses how we are all often our own worst enemies and identifies a key block to manifesting and how we can overcome it.

As always she shares her own personal experiences and lessons learnt on her journey.

Inspired by the Taurus Full Moon.

(4:00) Releasing and letting go with the full moon
(5:16) Complaining and how the energy of it seeps into various parts of our lives
(8:03) Lets all be honest with ourselves: this weeks homework

  1. Do you complain?

  2. How much do you complain?

  3. What do you complain about?

  4. Who do you complain about?

  5. Who do you complain to?

Answer these honestly, looking back at the last couple weeks. Note how things are in relation to the things you complain about. 
(9:32) We are constantly co-creating our realities with our words and our actions 
(11:15) We don’t need to pretend to be happy if something sad happens
(12:42) Complaining is not helping us to be the best versions of ourselves or to receive our highest good
(13:00) Complaining is using our creative energy
(13:26) Complaining manifests mayhem 
(14:06) Some people are predisposed to Complaining like others are predisposed to being positive. 

  1. Which one are you? Can you replace some default negativity with positivity?

  2. Complaining is addictive. Are you a bit addicted to it? Can you replace this with a new pattern?

  3. We are enabled by others to complain, misery loves company. Review your relationships and see with ones enable complaining.

(20:33) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together: My experience with complaining and complainers and the changes I made to turn things around
(25:50) How I took constructive action
(34:05) One last bit of homework: Quit complaining for one week, two if you feel up for the challenge


Ambi Sitham

In another episode of the Alchemy of Relationships series, brought to you by Golfaden MD, Ambi explores the catchy phrase, 'Your Vibe attracts your Tribe' and the concept that when our vibe changes, our tribe can change too.

Explaining how and why this can happen, she also discusses how we can navigate shifting seasons of ourselves and our lives and the impact this can have on our friendships and who we feel our tribe truly are.

As always, Ambi shares her own journey and experiences of how her energy has shifted and as a result her friendships have too.

Inspired by the Libra New Moon

(2:50) Your vibe attracts your tribe; the law of attraction. 
(7:28) The energetic shift that occurs as we align on the journey of life to become more of ourselves.
(8:43) The subtler energy shifts are more complicated to navigate.
(10:20) When your vibe changes, your tribe changes. 
(12:57) This weeks homework, some practical tools and tips to navigate life:

  1. Being authentic. 

  2. Following your feelings and trusting your gut.

  3. Reason, season or lifetime. Knowing which is which. 

  4. Know guilt: letting go gracefully or being dragged.

  5. Closure for yourself. 

(24:36) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my experience with many changes, shifts and losses with friendships.
(35:35) When our vibration shifts, connections that are no longer aligned with us will fall away. 
(36:27) Remember, change is the only constant.


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Aries Full Moon.

In this episode, brought to you by Chosen Foods, Ambi explores the topic of fear and how each of us can navigate fear both emotionally and also practically. 

Adopting the viewpoint that fear is simply part of life, Ambi discusses various ways in which we can alchemize fear and how we can actually harness fear as a force of good in our lives. 

As always Ambi shares her own experiences and her journey of alchemizing fear both in the past and in the present.

Please visit and use the code AMBI50 for 50% off your order of $10 or more.


How to alchemize your fear:

  1. Acceptance

  2. Surrender 

  3. Knowing you’re not alone 

  4. Take action 

  5. Talking to fear and choosing a different filter

  6. Harnessing the energy of fear 

(2:58) What is fear?

(6:41) How to feel the fear and do it anyway

(7:11) This weeks homework: how to alchemize fear

(16:35) Fear is just energy 

(19:42) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my experience in letting fear control my circumstances rather than alchemize them

(21:59) Here is what I’ve learned to do in spite of fear

(23:45) Getting professional help; my experience with hypnosis and EFT for the big stuff

(25:49) What is the worst that could happen?

(27:22) Now, I dance with fear

(28:03) How can you identify the areas in your life where fear is keeping you stuck? 


Ambi Sitham

In the first of the ‘Meet an Alchemist’ series (brought to you by Goldfaden MD) Ambi sits down with psychotherapist and spiritual coach Bianca Rodriguez, founder of You are Complete. 

Bianca has overcome addiction and codependency through a journey of deep transformation and study and incorporates all the tools and techniques she acquired into her spiritual coaching and therapy practice where she helps thousands of people worldwide. 

This episode of Alchemy with Ambi is brought to you by one of Ambi’s favorite skincare brands.

Use the code Ambi20 to receive 20% off your order and head over to Ambi’s blog to read about her favorite Goldfaden MD products.

Instagram: @youarecomplete

(1:05) Introducing Bianca Rodriguez

(5:40) Bianca’s transformation with addiction and using spiritual connection to recover 

(12:08) “There will be gifts in whatever struggle we’ve gone through”

(13:28) What do you consider to be one of your greatest achievements?

(14:28) What is a big regret or disappointment that you have?

(15:20) What is your idea of perfect happiness?

(17:50) How do you manifest things into your life?

(22:03) What is your favorite journey?

(24:20) What trait do you deplore in others?

(26:17) What trait do you most deplore within yourself?

(28:11) What traits do you love in others?

(29:02) What do you most love about yourself?

(31:49) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

(33:27) Who is your real life hero?

(33:50) What is your motto?


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the New Moon in Virgo.

In this episode, brought to you by Chosen Foods, Ambi explores how we can deal with uncertainty and uncertain times in our lives.

Drawing from her own challenges and experiences with uncertainty she shares how such times have often acted as the catalysts for great alchemy and achievement, leading her to the practice of approaching uncertain times with a different perspective. 

Please visit and use the code AMBI50 for 50% off your order of $10 or more.

YOUR HOMEWORK IN THIS EPISODE: Where are you facing uncertainty in your life? How can you follow the advice in this episode to alchemize it?

Repeat this mantra:
“When nothing is certain, anything is possible including: miracles, my hearts desires, my dreams manifesting, magical outcomes I couldn’t possibly have foreseen. Knowing this I embrace uncertainty as a tool to grow, to develop spiritual stamina, to learn important lessons and to be in flow with the process of life.”

(3:00) Most people like order and certainty, here’s why

(3:48) How uncertainty makes us feel

(7:50) How do we deal with uncertainty and alchemize it into something beneficial?

(8:58) Certainty is an illusion in our lives

(9:23) Humility, faith, hope and uncertainty 

(10:40) One of the gifts of uncertainty 

(11:04) There’s true value in uncertainty because of the possibilities uncertainty creates 

(14:04) Sometimes the most uncertain times contain the biggest silver lining 

(16:03) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my experiences with uncertainty and how it’s given me the best outcomes. 

(23:45) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Full Moon in Pisces.

In the first of a series of episodes entitled Victim to Victor, Ambi explores the concept of victim syndrome.

Applying her mantra that knowledge is power and self-awareness is key to alchemizing anything in our lives, Ambi explains that understanding and identifying victim syndrome is the first step to transforming ourselves from victim to victor. 

She gives clear examples of the traits and patterns of victim mentality and how we can look out for this in ourselves and others. 

As always she draws from her own experiences and journey and shares this with listeners as well as setting some homework between episodes.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Check in with yourself and see if you are in victim syndrome and to own it, so you can alchemize it. Also, check-in to see if you have anyone in your life like this, so you can set healthy boundaries. 

(1:55) Clarity on victim syndrome 

(7:41) What is true victim syndrome?

(10:28) How people with true victim syndrome look at and approach life

(11:23) How to spot someone in true victim mode

(13:01) Beliefs of those with victim syndrome 

(14:00) Why do these people do this? What do they get out of it?

(17:16) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my experience in feeling like a victim of life

(24:00) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Leo Solar Eclipse.

Ambi explores the different personality types of introverts, extroverts and ambiverts.

Focusing on the character traits and needs of each personality type Ambi discusses how we can best honor our unique personality type and that of our loved ones for more harmonious relationships with ourselves and others. 

As always Ambi shares her personal journey from extrovert, to introvert to happy ambivert.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: See which personality type you identify with. Are you honoring that? Are you honoring others unique personality type?

(3:15) What is an extrovert?

(3:53) What is an introvert?

(4:45) What is an ambivert?

(6:40) The type that makes up 68% of the personality types 

(7:45) What extroverts need the most

(13:15) What introverts need the most 

(20:36) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: owning my identity type 

(23:33) How we can honor our Ambivert side

(26:46) Tuning in

(28:30) Regulating your environment

(30:56) Planning ahead

(33:04) Learning to say “no”

(36:05) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

Ambi explores the idea that rejection is a tool of alchemy which can be used to manifest what is true for our highest good. 

She discusses the concept that rejection is actually just the universe/life redirecting us or protecting us and how we can shift our consciousness to view rejection through a different filter and use it to our advantage.

Ambi shares her personal experience and journey with rejection and how she handled and ultimately found happiness and success in spite of various rejections.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Take each last rejection and review the alchemy of how this actually redirected or protected you. 

(1:51) Endings are often experienced as rejections 

(5:25) Just like death and taxes, rejection is guaranteed 

(5:58) People in the public eye who have experienced rejection 

(10:48) How do we use rejection as a tool of alchemy?

(11:13) Rejection is a tool of transformation 

(14:12) Rejection isn’t punishment, it’s often protection in disguise 

(15:39) Rejection is also redirection 

(17:09) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my own experiences of rejection in all areas of life

(21:28) Having over 300 rejections before I landed my perfect job 

(24:51) My own rejection in relationships

(28:26) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Cancer Solar Eclipse.

In another Alchemy of Relationships episode, Ambi explores the nature of codependent relationships and how we can experience this unhealthy relationship dynamic in all kinds of relationships – personal, professional, romantic and platonic.

She explains how we can identify codependency in our relationships and which codependent role we may be playing whilst encouraging listeners to conduct a review of their own relationships and their own potentially codependent behavior. 

Ambi offers insights as to how codependency can prevent us from having a healthy relationship with ourselves and others and why we need to be mindful of the co-dependency crutch.

As always she shares her own journey and how she has alchemized her relationship with herself and others for the better by dropping the crutch of codependency.

YOUR HOMEWORK IN THIS EPISODE: Audit your relationships to end codependency using the questions we have discussed throughout this episode.

(3:58) The dynamics of interdependent  relationships  

(5:09) The opposite of interdependency: codependency 

(8:58) Questions to ask yourself to detect codependent relationships 

(12:30) Characteristics of a codependent person 

(15:30) The rescuer and the needy

(19:00) What does a codependent relationship look like in real life?

(26:08) The cost for codependency 

(27:15) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: Out of the codependency crutch 

(35:45) Using boundaries to filter friendships 

(37:25) Checking the energetically of new friendships that you’re attracting in

(41:06) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Capricorn Full Moon.

Success and happiness. We are led to believe one leads to the other, that if we achieve certain goals and are successful then it follows that we will be happy.

Ambi explores what success really means, how people’s definitions of success can differ greatly and why ultimately, being successful does not guarantee happiness.

She reinforces her mantra that happiness is ultimately the highest form of success and invites listeners to find happiness on the journey to achieving goals and to alchemize their goals to ensure that their success brings them true, lasting happiness allowing them to really win at life.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Identify your vision for your life in a paragraph. Write down the feelings your chasing with these goals. Write down the things you can do each day to feel these feelings. For every external thing you want to accomplish, what internal qualities do you need to develop?

(1:35) What is success?

(6:06) The inverse relationship that can happen between success and happiness

(6:53) What is happiness?

(7:48) One of the best manifesting tools

(8:28) How to get happy

(11:10) Pain has purpose

(12:44) Success, status and goals

(15:15) Looking at your goals in a new way

(16:45) This weeks homework

(22:00) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: how I redefined success for myself


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Gemini New Moon.

Ambi discusses the power of speech and the concept that less is more. 

She explains how powerful our words are and how our speech and our communication impacts what we manifest in our lives.

Ambi discusses the pitfalls of over talking and the ways in which we all may be abusing the power of speech resulting in negative consequences in our lives. 

As always she shares her journey and transformation from an over-talker to someone who speaks less and lives more and the alchemy she has experienced as a result.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Evaluate your relationship with speech and communication. Are you gossiping? Are you talking about secrets before they’re ready to be revealed? Are you seeking validation from conversation? 

(1:56) Talking too much has a physical impact on our bodies and health, here’s how 

(2:59) The wisest people we know speak less

(5:00) The Throat Chakra, the link between our inner and outer world 

(6:35) How to know if your Throat Chakra is out of whack 

(7:52) The rewards of balancing your Throat Chakra

(8:17) The adverse affects over talking has on manifesting 

(9:45) The “protecting the little green chutes” theory 

(11:45) Gossip: If somebody will gossip to you, they’ll gossip about you

(13:52) Over talking our unwelcome opinions about others 

(16:41) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: confessions of an over talker 

(19:50) The lessons I’ve learned

(21:10) The 7 tools to overcome over talking

(25:37) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Ambi discusses the concept and trend of ‘having it all’ and how the pursuit of having it all can lead us to being overwhelmed and yet simultaneously unfulfilled. 

She explores why we seek to have it all and how this can create a toxic cycle in our lives of being simultaneously overwhelmed yet also underwhelmed. 

Ambi delves into the concept that we can do anything, but not everything and shares her belief that there is a season for everything we wish to manifest in our lives and that we can have it all, just not at once.

Sharing from her own journey of trying to do it all (and failing!) Ambi shares practical tips and tools for listeners to apply in their own lives to bring more balance and happiness.

Stop trying to have it all right now. 
Work out what really matters to you right now. 
Shift your mindset and expectations of yourself and life. 
Stop comparing, stop competing. 
Unfollow people online that make you feel bad about your life. 
Trust in the seasons, there’s a season for everything. 
Start under scheduling and under promising. 
Learn to say no. 
Keep a gratitude diary, 3 things your grateful for the day. 

(1:31) “You can do anything, but not everything”

(3:19) What is having it all?

(6:37) The dangerous pursuit of trying to have it all

(7:35) How to tell if you’re overextending yourself 

(9:25) Happiness is the highest form of success

(10:05) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: Enthusiasm + people pleasing 

(11:58) Awakening and getting back to basics

(14:05) One thing at a time; incorporating new goals after you have a solid foundation 

(15:55) Redefining what “having it all” means 

(17:19) This weeks homework

(20:32) Creating space to overdeliver 


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the New Moon in Taurus & the move of Uranus into Taurus. 

In this episode Ambi discusses the relationship between our self-worth and our net worth. 

Sharing insights on why so many of us judge our self-worth by our net worth she also delves into how our self-worth can impact our net worth and introduces a new concept for listeners to work on to improve both their self-worth and their net worth. 

As always, Ambi shares insights gained from the evolution of her relationship with both money and her self-worth and offers listeners practical tips and homework to begin their own journey of financial alchemy.

Track your spending, every little thing for a month. 
Choose not to splurge and see that as self love and self care. 
Start saving money.
Ask for a raise, or raise your fees. 
Manage debt carefully.

(1:45) Net Worth vs Self Worth

(5:34) Money and sensitivity 

(6:45) What do we do when our Net Worth isn’t where we want it to be?

(7:47) Social Media money illusions 

(9:38) How to really calculate your net worth

(11:00) Improving your self worth to increase your net worth 

(13:47) The Law of Attraction and your Energetic Vessel

(14:34) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my love / hate relationship with money 

(15:54) Poverty consciousness 

(19:00) Self Worth And Self love tips 

(22:50) Homework and financial tips


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Scorpio Full Moon.

Ambi discusses the importance and role of rebirth in our lives.

She dives deep into why, when and how each of us can reinvent ourselves and our lives, sharing practical tools and tips for listeners to use.

Ambi shares personal stories from her own journey of transformation, reinvention and rebirth offering her journey as real life inspiration that as George Eliot says, it is never too late to be

Take the time to review what lights you up, drains you or triggers nasty emotions. 
Ask yourself what you would like to reinvent. 
Come up with a rough plan including some of the “do’s” on how to reinvent yourself. 

(2:29) What is reinvention?

(4:05) Why we don’t reinvent ourselves

(5:11) Why we should reinvent ourselves

(7:18) When to reinvent ourselves 

(10:03) How we can reinvent ourselves to avoid chaos being the catalyst for change

(12:39) Rest is the new hustle 

(15:53) Experiment and accept failure as part of the journey 

(16:30) Magic happens outside our comfort zone 

(17:15) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: stories of my own reinvention 

(24:47) Moving to America & the biggest of my rebirths 

(26:07) The vivid dream that lead me to reinvention 

(33:24) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the New Moon in Aries.

Ambi discusses our belief systems and the concept that our beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies which shape not only our personas, but also our lives. 

She explains how we can identify which beliefs may not be serving us and how we can alchemize limiting and disempowering beliefs and transform our belief systems helping us to be our best selves and live our best lives.

Ambi shares how she overcame many limiting beliefs and offers tools and homework for listeners to do the same for themselves.

Do a review of each of the areas of your life and give yourself a rating 1-10 on your happiness level in those areas.
If any area is less than a 6, identify your beliefs and where they came from.
Destroy those beliefs that are holding you back from being fully satisfied and create a new and empowering belief system. 

(1:31) Our belief systems create our realities, identities and our lives

(4:05) The Law of Attraction and our beliefs 

(7:01) Each of us has limiting beliefs 

(11:30) How many Universal and Personal limiting beliefs have you adopted?

(13:47) How you can be completely unaware of some of your limiting beliefs 

(14:50) Affirmations to create new beliefs 

(16:40) Changing our self talk 

(17:33) How we are influenced to form limiting beliefs, and eliminating those sources 

(20:18) Some people will always put out negative vibrations, without intending to

(24:15) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my own experiences with limiting beliefs 

(34:15) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Libra Full Moon.

Ambi explores the concept of personal alchemy through interpersonal relationships and specifically the role and transformative power of impermanent relationships. 

Drawing on personal experience, she shares how each of us can apply a different lens through which to view loss and change in our relationships, ultimately helping us to navigate life more smoothly.

Ambi also shares one of her life mottos or 'rules to live by' which is that the most important relationship any of us will have is with ourselves, and that all the transformation we go through as a result of relationships with others, is simply so we can have a better relationship with our most powerful soulmate - ourselves.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Think about the relationships in your lives. Are you forcing any of your relationships? 

(2:30) The reason relationship 

(7:15) The season relationship 

(11:12) The lifetime relationship 

(14:40) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my personal experiences with these relationships 

(16:40) When the student is ready, the teacher will appear 

(20:02) Holding on too tight: fighting against the natural currents of life

(29:20) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Pisces New Moon.

Ambi discusses boundaries; what they are, why we need them, and how we can use them to lead better lives. 

She then dives deep into the power of NO and how it is not only an important boundary setter but also a magical manifesting tool.

Sharing her own journey with boundaries and learning to say NO, Ambi explains how these tools have alchemized her relationships and lifestyle and made her life infinitely more fulfilling.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: Think about the boundaries you have and that you need to have in your life. Think about how you can say “no” to what doesn’t serve you. Take note if you say “yes” on auto pilot, and practice saying “no” instead. 

(3:01) What is a boundary?

(6:01) The “yes” and the “do” culture of society 

(9:18) The chaos of not setting boundaries 

(10:55) The Manifesting power of saying “no”

(14:03) My own experience with being a people pleaser

(15:24) Starting to say no

(16:05) Here are some things to say “no” to to create balance

(22:55) The positive effects of saying “no”

(23:42) This weeks homework


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Virgo Full Moon.

Ambi has a bad case of the Full Moon feels resulting in some fumbles and mumbles, but in defiance of her Virgo rising perfectionist worrywart nature pushes ahead with recording.

She introduces Soulstrology and shares how it can help each of us co-create alchemy with the cosmos.

In alignment with the Virgo Full Moon (and one of Ambi’s favorite topics #virgorising) she talks about the worry wart shadow aspect of this sign and how each of us can alchemize worry, sharing some personal stories from her journey of alchemy.

(2:40) What is Soulstrology?

(7:05) What Soulstrology is not

(8:55) What do full moons mean?

(9:31) Full Moon Feels

(11:20) The shadow traits of Virgo 

(12:30) Relating to the Virgo trait of worrying 

(14:30) Worrying is like praying for what we don’t want to happen 

(16:40) How we can alchemize our worry

(24:30) My own experience with worry; fresh out of Law School

(30:00) How I found my way