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Ambi Sitham

In another of the Alchemy of Relationships episodes Ambi discusses the the important and freedom of forgiveness in relationships of all sorts, including of course the most important relationship of all - the one with ourselves. 

Note to our listeners, we are taking a short break but will be back mid June with our next episode. 

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Inspired by the Scorpio Full Moon

(2:02) What is forgiveness?

(5:26) Why we don’t forgive

(6:47) Why we should forgive

(8:17) Holding onto a grudge can make us bitter and stuck

(8:41) It’s self sabotage to not forgive

(11:10) Letting go is one of the first steps to manifesting what we desire

(14:37) Forgiveness is a choice and a response

(17:35) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my own experience in holding onto grudges

(30:05) This weeks homework: re-listen to this episode and take some notes to identify if you are bearing a grudge or holding onto resentment. Are there people you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself?


Ambi Sitham

In another of the Alchemy of Manifesting series, Ambi discusses one of the biggest blocks to manifesting and how we can overcome this self-sabotaging behavior.

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Inspired by the Taurus New Moon

(1:33) Being too stubborn can act as a huge block to manifesting

(2:33) What does it mean to be stubborn?

(4:03) Some of the different ways stubbornness can be expressed

(8:03) The difference between being stubborn and determined

(9:07) How stubbornness can negatively affect us

(14:48) Stubbornness is self sabotage

(15:40) It feels safe to be stubborn because it stops us from going outside of our comfort zone

(17:10) This weeks homework:

  1. What do you have really strong black and white beliefs about?

  2. To what degree do those beliefs truly serve you? How do they affect the harmony in your life?

  3. Review your vision for yourself and your life; review your goals.

  4. Ask someone you trust if they think you’re overly fixed about a certain situation, and if they think it’s truly serving you.

  5. Journal on how you can be more flexible with your life, vision and goals

(22:15) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My experiences dealing with my own stubbornness and the consequences that resulted.

(28:19) Breaking my own cycle with my stubbornness after some honest feedback from people close to me


Ambi Sitham

In an Alchemy of Relationships x Empath diaries episode Ambi discusses energy vampires.

This episode is powered by 

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Inspired by the Full Moon in Libra

(5:24) What is an Energy Vampire?

(7:12) Energy Vampires are attracted to empaths, and empaths are attracted to Energy Vampires

(8:43) Who is an Energy Vampire?

  1. They often have low self esteem

  2. They are excessively needy

  3. They tend to have a lot of problems and drama in their lives

  4. They lack self awareness

  5. They are victims

  6. They can be manipulative

  7. They complain all the time

  8. They take but they rarely give

  9. Energy Vampires can be good people, just caught up in a negative cycle

(15:44) What does it feel like when you’re dealing with an Energy Vampire?

  1. Heavy, low energy

  2. Stressed and anxious

  3. Angry or irritable

  4. Guilt

  5. Sad

  6. On edge

  7. Intuitively uncomfortable, but not being able to rationalize it

  8. You can’t get a word in

  9. Tired and exhausted

  10. Bad

(22:05) Homework: check in with these lists with yourself and with the people in your life and be brutally honest, conduct an audit and review

(25:13) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together: my personal experiences with Energy Vampire energy, from both sides of the situation


Ambi Sitham

In this episode powered by Ambi discusses the alchemy of authenticity and how important it is to be our true selves in order to be both fulfilled and achieve our destiny. 

For 20% off your order with Spiritual Gangster use the code AMBI20 and know that your purchase then provides a meal to someone in need.

Inspired by the Aries New Moon

(5:00) What is authenticity?

(5:53) At some points in our lives, maybe right now, we find ourselves not living authentically

(7:02) Social conditioning vs your unique truth

(8:50) Living faux-thentic

(11:13) What does it mean to live authentically?

(11:43) Living authentically is a conscious proactive choice that you have to make daily

(13:43) Homework: How to live authentically

  1. Be authentic with yourself first

  2. Emotional awareness and intelligence

  3. Regular auditing - checking in with yourself

  4. Having an authenticity accountability partner

  5. Be self approved and self validated

(20:29) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my journey experimenting with my own authenticity in choosing my career path

(24:08) My struggle with my online presence; inauthentically following a strategy vs allowing myself to authentically interact with my social media


Ambi Sitham

In another of the Empath Diaries series Ambi explores people pleasing and why it often isn't so pleasing (or healthy).

Inspired by the Libra Full Moon.

(2:05) What is a people pleaser?

(2:55) If you’re a people pleaser, what is your deeper motivation for eating to please others?

(3:40) My own reason for my people pleasing tendancies in the past

(4:35) Empaths have a tendency toward certain traits, but it does not mean that we need to be victims to people pleasing

(6:22) Traits of a people pleaser:

  1. Feeling responsible for everyone

  2. Saying yes when they want to say no

  3. Having a general lack of boundaries, or poor boundaries in place

  4. Avoiding conflict because they don’t want to be disliked

  5. They can be passive aggressive, avoiding saying what they mean

  6. They agree with everyone or pretend to agree with everyone

  7. Can change their behaviors to adapt to surroundings

  8. Would rather be considered “nice” by others than “happy” by themselves

  9. Assume they should do most of the work

  10. Confuse being needed with being loved

  11. Often have time management issues

  12. Always apologetic

  13. Can feel trapped and a sense of guilt

  14. No clear sense of self or direction

(9:00) What is the cost of being a people pleaser?

(10:15) Whatever the reason for people pleasing, it can leave you simmering in inner resentment

(11:01) Being a kind, loving, caring and compassionate person is way different from being a people pleaser

(15:20) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together: my experience being a people pleaser

(27:41) This weeks homework:

  1. Check the list above and find out if you are a people pleaser

  2. Where is your tendency to people please really come from?

  3. Does some of my own journey resonate with you?

  4. Say no where you would normally say yes to something, and realize that saying no really means being able to say yes to yourself

Book mentioned in this episode: The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have with People You Don't Like Doing Things You Don't Want to Do (A No F*cks Given Guide)


Ambi Sitham

In the first of a series of episodes entitled the Empath diaries, Ambi explores what it means to be an empath - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Inspired by the Pisces New Moon

(1:53) What is an empath?

(3:16) Being an empath is different from someone experiencing empathy

Homework: Are you an empath? Check with the lists below

(5:58) Positive traits of being an empath:

  • Intuition is everything; their North Star 

  • They’re true lovers

  • Naturally creative

  • Powerful healers

  • Can connect to all beings, even inanimate objects 

  • Can sense what is ahead

  • The ability to tap into other people’s needs

(11:50) Negative aspects of being an empath:

  • Can get drained or overwhelmed very easily

  • Often carry the weight of other people’s energy and emotions for days after the interaction

  • Everyone dumps on you, since you’re a good listener and compassionate

  • Can experience insane mood swings since you pick up emotions from others

  • You can get sick from holding all these energies hat don’t align with you

  • Knowledge is power, but not always pleasant (seeing the bad in others)

  • You’re so busy dealing with other people’s stuff that you don’t focus on your own

(19:48) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my own journey with being an empath

(30:58) Becoming a lot clearer energetically has allowed me to tune in quickly when I meet new people

(32:00) What to expect over the course of The Empath Diaries series:

  • Dealing with narcissists

  • Energy Vampires

  • Healthy friendships

  • Romantic relationships

  • Dealing with coworkers


Ambi Sitham

In this episode Ambi discusses the magical mastery of mistakes and how mistakes are in fact actions we must take.

She explains how our mistakes are a powerful tool of alchemy and how we can use them to improve ourselves and our lives.

Inspired by the Virgo Full Moon

(3:45) What is a mistake?

(4:47) Every person in the world makes mistakes

(5:07) How does it make you feel to think about mistakes?

(7:47) The story of all of the mistakes that birthed the Dyson 

(9:20) We need to view mistakes as must-takes

(10:30) Our mistakes are perfect, and what we need to experience to grow

(11:54) Understand your mistakes

(15:52) The first step to alchemizing a mistake is to understand it; the why

(16:35) Learning from our mistakes helps us to achieve true self-mastery 

(17:00) Learn the lesson, mind, body and soul from that mistake so that we can integrate it

(17:46) Learning from our mistakes is not easy

(18:50) Repeating the same mistake over and over can pull you into victim syndrome

(19:32) How to learn the lessons to prevent making the mistakes again: 

  1. Self discipline

  2. Take real responsibility 

  3. Get help

  4. Take action 

(21:20) As long as we are alive, we will be making mistakes. We need these mistakes to learn and grow, and we need to make sure we are only making new mistakes

(22:28) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my personal experience with making mistakes in personal finances

(33:07) This weeks homework: review your recent and recurring mistakes and get to the root of the situation 

  1. What made you do it? Why?

  2. How did this come to be?

  3. What are you not changing?

  4. What can you master so you don’t repeat these mistakes?


Ambi Sitham

In this episode Ambi discusses one of her favorite topics: change.

She explores why change, even when positive, can be challenging and offers a practical guide for listeners to navigate any type of change in their lives.

Inspired by the Aquarius New Moon

(4:22) Info and traits of Aquarius

(6:18) Why we struggle so much with unexpected change 

(9:34) A blessing can turn out to be a curse, and a curse can truly be a blessing wrapped up in a challenge 

(10:35) Life is 50 shades of grey, and then some

(12:16) What is key is our reaction to change, it’s something that’s within our power

(12:38) This weeks homework: What to do when you get blindsided - stop, drop and roll

  1. Stop where you are, be still 

  2. Surrender - meditate

  3. Roll with change and accept the things that are happening 

  4. Get help from a loved one, friend or professional

(17:07) By facing the reality of change, you can do something practical to get through it. Get organized, make a plan

(18:27) When something happens, make a list of positive outcomes that could happen and focus on those

(19:22) Negative emotional reactions mess with your brains ability to think creatively and find solutions

(19:55) Grow through what you’re going through; how are these changes making you grow? 

(22:34) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My experiences with big changes


Ambi Sitham

In this episode Ambi explores how we can live a life of both purpose and passion. She dives into how we can align with our true purpose and live with passion, while also 'profiting' - both financially and otherwise.

Inspired by the Leo Lunar Eclipse

(2:45) Wrapping up this set of Eclipses

(5:12) Not everything we are passionate about is necessarily our purpose

(6:41) Homework, part 1: How can we start to find out which of our passions we can turn into profit?

  1. Make a full list of everything you’re passionate about

  2. Purposeful practical passions: identifying which passions on your list you can turn into practical businesses 

  3. All passion has purpose: how can you incorporate your other passions into your life that you won’t be pursuing professionally 

(12:40) The intimidating concept of purpose, and what it isn’t 

(14:23) Homework, part 2: What is your purpose?

  1. What you were born with, before societal conditioning 

  2. What you’re naturally good at

  3. Aligned with your values

(17:18) Profit: a lot of people don’t like to talk about money, but money is just energy. It’s energy that allows you to do, be and have the best, and give the best to others

(17:49) Passion and purpose alone don’t pay the bills or make a profitable profession

(18:39) Embrace the nitty gritty details: make a business plan

(20:17) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My own journey turning my passion into a business


Ambi Sitham

In the first solo episode of 2019 Ambi discusses how best we can set ourselves up for success and happiness in 2019 with a step by step guide to envisioning our ideal year and setting goals which align with our priorities and values.

Happy 2019 to our beloved Alchemy community!

Inspired by the Capricorn Solar Eclipse

(4:19) This weeks homework

  1. Write a short paragraph with your dream and vision for 2019

  2. From that paragraph, identify your key roles for 2019 (try to keep it to no more than two)

  3. Feeling the feels - deconstruct your answer to question one and find out what feelings your chasing by wanting these things? What can you do to create these feelings right now?

  4. What are your most important goals for 2019? Refer to question one, try to keep it less than five.

  5. List the rest of your roles, after the two in question two, in order of importance. Now develop your top ten goals for 2019, using these answers and those in question four as a starting point.

  6. Planning and structure - find out what smaller goals you can set as stepping stones to reach the main goals on your list of ten. 

  7. Boundaries and ditching distractions - where do you need to enforce boundaries and watch out for distractions so that you can stay focused on your vision for 2019.

(20:26) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my own experience making too many New Year goals and realizing I can do anything but not everything. 


Ambi Sitham

In the final episode of 2018 Ambi sits down with her good friend, Helen Miamii Moon the creator of the unique tarot deck - Abrabinah meaning 'I will create through feminine reasoning'. 

Helen shares her journey from being a party girl in the music industry who then had an out of body experience which led her to her new path of modern mystic, tarot reader and designer.

Helen uses her Abrabinah deck to give a general reading for 2019 and Ambi chimes in with some Soulstrology insights.

Follow Helen on Instagram @helenisthemoon @abrabinah

(1:46) How Ambi and Helen met

(3:15) Helen tells us about her journey with Tarot and her career path

(6:42) An out of body experience that became a turning point to find what was next 

(10:29) Leaving the music industry and the crazy lifestyle it encouraged

(12:01) Beginning a career in spiritual wellness and creating a new identity  

(15:00) When you step into your truth, the Universe moves things so much quicker for you 

(16:39) Helen’s journey of self-study to learn Tarot 

(17:55) The creation of the Abrabinah Tarot Deck

(21:10) The inspiration and modern twist that influenced the Abrabinah Tarot artwork and card definitions 

(23:20) Helen gives us a Tarot reading for 2019 

(29:37) Ambi relates Helen’s reading to what Soulstrology says for for 2019


Ambi Sitham

In the final solo episode of 2018 Ambi discusses the importance of completions and closures. She discusses how we can use these tools to alchemize our 2018 experience and wipe the slate clean for the New Year.

Inspired by the Cancer Full Moon

(3:00) Why it’s important to wipe the slate clean going into the new year

(5:40) What and how?

(8:25) What is closure?

(9:15) This weeks homework

  1. Make a list of closure you need to get in your life, in all areas

  2. Take some steps toward getting this closure, one item at a time

(11:13) Completions

(14:15) Make a long list of unfinished business, anything that needs completing

(17:27) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my own experience with finding closure in relationships that no longer served me, and the peace I feel with completing my own financial admin. 


Ambi Sitham

In another of the Alchemy of Manifesting 'how to get out of your own way' series Ambi explores another key block to manifesting and how we can each overcome this block to have more peace of mind and manifest our dreams!

On behalf of our Alchemy community a portion of the proceeds we have received from sponsorships has been donated to three different charities who are providing assistance to all the victims of the recent fires in California.

Inspired by the Sagittarius New Moon

(0:01) How we helped those suffering from the California Wildfires 
(3:56) Doubt is one of the biggest blocks to manifesting 
(4:32) What is doubt?
(6:05) Listening to Episodes 15 & 17 will support and compliment the lessons in this episode 
(7:35) The 2 ways doubt can creep in
(10:12) Doubt can act as poison for our dreams and desires
(12:43) Is doubt always bad?
(13:52) How do we alchemize doubt?
(14:04) This weeks homework, part 1:

  1. Accept your doubt

  2. Confront your fears

  3. Let it go

  4. Alchemize doubt as fuel for faith

  5. Doubt your doubt 

  6. Gratitude 

(23:33) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: My own experiences in doubting everything when the worst had happened in my life
(28:35) Two years, finally, good karma and justice came my way after doing the work to alchemize doubt
(34:42) This weeks homework, part 2:

What are the doubts that you have in your life?

Take these doubts through the 6 steps to alchemize them to have more faith in yourself. 


Ambi Sitham

In another episode of the Alchemy of Manifesting series, brought to you by (use the promo code ALCHEMY at checkout for 15% off!) Ambi shares one of her most powerful manifesting tools and how we can use this practice to feel good and manifest more effortlessly.

As always, she shares her own experience with using this tool, including how it helped her during some of the most difficult, darkest times of her life. 

This episode of Alchemy with Ambi the podcast is powered by use the code AMBI at check out to get $20 off your order of $40 or more.

Inspired by the Gemini Full Moon.

(4:05) How gratitude can help with your manifestation process 
(6:35) We can’t receive more if we are not grateful for what we already have 
(7:50) Why is it that we don’t practice gratitude?
(11:20) This weeks homework:

  1. Gratitude is a choice, we need to practice it each morning

  2. We need to speak gratitude out loud. 

  3. We need to appreciate the small things in life

  4. Know that even if things are hard, you can still find something to appreciate

  5. How to engage gratitude as a feel good manifesting tool: matching your vibration to what you want to manifest using gratitude

(21:35) Be grateful and give thanks for what you want right now as if you have it 
(23:20) Look at your list of things you’re trying to call in and thank it into existence 
(24:16) You can’t half heatedly practice gratitude and expect change 
(32:50) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way together: my experience with gratitude in the hardest of times 


Ambi Sitham

In another episode of the Alchemy of Manifesting series, Ambi explores the power of privacy as a manifesting tool.

She discusses how and why we have become less private and the impact this can have on our goals and lives.

Ambi shares her own journey with using privacy as a tool for manifesting in her life.

A special thanks to Pop & Suki for sponsoring this episode. Visit their site and use code ALCHEMY at checkout to save 15%. 

Inspired by the Scorpio New Moon

(7:00) What is privacy?
(8:43) How have we become a society that shares everything?
(15:28) What your goals need most to manifest is your energy, your light, your attention
(15:59) If your goals and dreams have too much exposure to the outside world before the time is right, it can stop them from manifesting 
(18:46) Not everyone has your best interest at heart, even if they think that they do
(20:53) People project their experiences into others 
(23:00) Too much too soon; making sure something’s ready to be shared
(24:34) Twists and turns; when your manifestations go through highs and lows along the way
(26:25) By being more private, we aren’t feeding into the drama of the twists and turns along the road to manifestation 
(32:19) My own experiences in playing with the power of privacy
(42:37) This weeks homework: 

  • Review your goals, hopes and wish lists

  • Review when you’re talking about them, who you’ve been talking about them to, how you’ve been talking about them, when you’ve been sharing about them

  • Review the things your struggling to manifest, see how you can use the powerful tool of privacy to help with your manifestation


Ambi Sitham

IIn another of the Meet an Alchemist series, Ambi sits down with Lauren Haas  - chef, holistic health and lifestyle coach of 

Lauren shares her journey of overcoming an early diagnosis of ADHD and a reliance on adderall which led to an eating disorder.

She explains how she alchemized her life which allowed her to pursue her true purpose in life to help others create healing from the inside out.

(2:00) About Lauren’s journey
(12:29) The big moment that triggered Lauren to start her healing 
(14:50) The two big lessons she received from her contractual soulmates 
(18:37) “Instead of working on your weaknesses, work on your strengths”
(20:20) What Lauren does today, and how she helps others 
(22:00) If you don’t feel well, you can’t think straight 
(23:49) You only get one body, it’s your responsibility to look after it
(29:32) What trait to you most dislike in other people?
(30:30) What is one of your greatest fears?
(31:08) What is the quality you most like in a man?
(33:10) What is one thing you would like to share with our listeners?
(34:06) Where can we find you, how can we work with you?

You can email Lauren at:


Ambi Sitham

In this episode Ambi tackles the subject of manifesting and specifically how we can get out of our way and blocking the manifestation of our desires. 

She discusses how we are all often our own worst enemies and identifies a key block to manifesting and how we can overcome it.

As always she shares her own personal experiences and lessons learnt on her journey.

Inspired by the Taurus Full Moon.

(4:00) Releasing and letting go with the full moon
(5:16) Complaining and how the energy of it seeps into various parts of our lives
(8:03) Lets all be honest with ourselves: this weeks homework

  1. Do you complain?

  2. How much do you complain?

  3. What do you complain about?

  4. Who do you complain about?

  5. Who do you complain to?

Answer these honestly, looking back at the last couple weeks. Note how things are in relation to the things you complain about. 
(9:32) We are constantly co-creating our realities with our words and our actions 
(11:15) We don’t need to pretend to be happy if something sad happens
(12:42) Complaining is not helping us to be the best versions of ourselves or to receive our highest good
(13:00) Complaining is using our creative energy
(13:26) Complaining manifests mayhem 
(14:06) Some people are predisposed to Complaining like others are predisposed to being positive. 

  1. Which one are you? Can you replace some default negativity with positivity?

  2. Complaining is addictive. Are you a bit addicted to it? Can you replace this with a new pattern?

  3. We are enabled by others to complain, misery loves company. Review your relationships and see with ones enable complaining.

(20:33) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way together: My experience with complaining and complainers and the changes I made to turn things around
(25:50) How I took constructive action
(34:05) One last bit of homework: Quit complaining for one week, two if you feel up for the challenge


Ambi Sitham

In another episode of the Alchemy of Relationships series, brought to you by Golfaden MD, Ambi explores the catchy phrase, 'Your Vibe attracts your Tribe' and the concept that when our vibe changes, our tribe can change too.

Explaining how and why this can happen, she also discusses how we can navigate shifting seasons of ourselves and our lives and the impact this can have on our friendships and who we feel our tribe truly are.

As always, Ambi shares her own journey and experiences of how her energy has shifted and as a result her friendships have too.

Inspired by the Libra New Moon

(2:50) Your vibe attracts your tribe; the law of attraction. 
(7:28) The energetic shift that occurs as we align on the journey of life to become more of ourselves.
(8:43) The subtler energy shifts are more complicated to navigate.
(10:20) When your vibe changes, your tribe changes. 
(12:57) This weeks homework, some practical tools and tips to navigate life:

  1. Being authentic. 

  2. Following your feelings and trusting your gut.

  3. Reason, season or lifetime. Knowing which is which. 

  4. Know guilt: letting go gracefully or being dragged.

  5. Closure for yourself. 

(24:36) Finding my way, finding your way, finding our way: my experience with many changes, shifts and losses with friendships.
(35:35) When our vibration shifts, connections that are no longer aligned with us will fall away. 
(36:27) Remember, change is the only constant.


Ambi Sitham

This episode was inspired by the Aries Full Moon.

In this episode, brought to you by Chosen Foods, Ambi explores the topic of fear and how each of us can navigate fear both emotionally and also practically. 

Adopting the viewpoint that fear is simply part of life, Ambi discusses various ways in which we can alchemize fear and how we can actually harness fear as a force of good in our lives. 

As always Ambi shares her own experiences and her journey of alchemizing fear both in the past and in the present.

Please visit and use the code AMBI50 for 50% off your order of $10 or more.


How to alchemize your fear:

  1. Acceptance

  2. Surrender 

  3. Knowing you’re not alone 

  4. Take action 

  5. Talking to fear and choosing a different filter

  6. Harnessing the energy of fear 

(2:58) What is fear?

(6:41) How to feel the fear and do it anyway

(7:11) This weeks homework: how to alchemize fear

(16:35) Fear is just energy 

(19:42) Finding my way, helping you find your way, finding our way: my experience in letting fear control my circumstances rather than alchemize them

(21:59) Here is what I’ve learned to do in spite of fear

(23:45) Getting professional help; my experience with hypnosis and EFT for the big stuff

(25:49) What is the worst that could happen?

(27:22) Now, I dance with fear

(28:03) How can you identify the areas in your life where fear is keeping you stuck? 


Ambi Sitham

In the first of the ‘Meet an Alchemist’ series (brought to you by Goldfaden MD) Ambi sits down with psychotherapist and spiritual coach Bianca Rodriguez, founder of You are Complete. 

Bianca has overcome addiction and codependency through a journey of deep transformation and study and incorporates all the tools and techniques she acquired into her spiritual coaching and therapy practice where she helps thousands of people worldwide. 

This episode of Alchemy with Ambi is brought to you by one of Ambi’s favorite skincare brands.

Use the code Ambi20 to receive 20% off your order and head over to Ambi’s blog to read about her favorite Goldfaden MD products.

Instagram: @youarecomplete

(1:05) Introducing Bianca Rodriguez

(5:40) Bianca’s transformation with addiction and using spiritual connection to recover 

(12:08) “There will be gifts in whatever struggle we’ve gone through”

(13:28) What do you consider to be one of your greatest achievements?

(14:28) What is a big regret or disappointment that you have?

(15:20) What is your idea of perfect happiness?

(17:50) How do you manifest things into your life?

(22:03) What is your favorite journey?

(24:20) What trait do you deplore in others?

(26:17) What trait do you most deplore within yourself?

(28:11) What traits do you love in others?

(29:02) What do you most love about yourself?

(31:49) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

(33:27) Who is your real life hero?

(33:50) What is your motto?