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Chart Calculator


A Birth Chart will show us where all your planets were, in what sign, and in what house at the time of your birth.

Learning Astrology is like learning a new language. So don't worry if at your first glance the chart doesn’t make sense. Over time as you follow the Soulstrology blogs you will learn how to use this information in the Soulstrology Posts.

Either check your birth certificate or call up your mum (or dad) for your birth time, location, and date then enter the data in the calculator below.

For an accurate understanding on how the Cosmos are personally impacting you this data needs to be correct.

If you don't know your birth time, that's ok but it means you won’t be able to establish your rising sign and exactly where the planets fell in the houses of your chart when you were born. But you can still obtain a general birth chart by entering 12.00pm as your birth time. Note, that in your general birth chart your Moon Sign and House Placements may not be accurate, but it will give you a general idea on what all the other planets were doing at the time of your birth.



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This chart calculator is powered by a third-party. It is only on this site for you to find your planetary alignments.
In no way do we support or promote the purchase of this party's paid services.