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               Poppy Jamie                   Founder of          Happy Not Perfect

               Poppy Jamie
                 Founder of
         Happy Not Perfect

"Ambi… An angel if ever there was one. She has helped me beyond what I thought was even possible. With her logical outlook and attention to detail, she gives healing a new identity. Through astrology, sound healing, reiki and life coaching, a session with Ambi has a 360 degree effect. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met her years ago and she has stayed in my life consistently helping me with every aspect of it. My only problem, there should be more of her! Thankfully all the blogs, meditations and podcasts to come on her new site mean I can listen and learn from Ambi every day!"

                 Leo Seigal    Co-Founder and CEO of                  Pop & Suki

                 Leo Seigal
  Co-Founder and CEO of
                 Pop & Suki


"The two years I've had Ambi as my spiritual mentor and life coach have been nothing short of the most transformative of my life. Ambi has given me one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given in helping me develop the unashamed, unapologetic power to be my authentic self. With Ambi's guidance, I'm well on my way to breaking free from a sense of perfectionism that has shackled me throughout my life, and enjoy a sense of freedom and liberation I never thought would be possible for me." 

"Ambi has a beautiful way of looking at life, whether it’s through her healing, coaching or chart reading she manages to turn every situation into a positive. I have never met anyone like her, she has guided me through many situations and always leads me to the light."

             Jazzy de Lisser                       Actress

             Jazzy de Lisser

"Ambi is spot on!  She embodies her astrology & her healing work and you can feel it when you are around her.  I leave her sessions transformed & always love getting insight from her intuitive nature!  She’s truly a gem!"

                Joan Hyman                 Yoga Teacher

                Joan Hyman
               Yoga Teacher

"I think the best thing about Ambi (and there are many) is that I always leave her presence having learnt something about me or the world that I needed to know, something vital, something subtle and often something life-changing. She’s one of those people who, after you have been around them, you always feel happier and lighter.

Her soundbaths are one of the most unique and beautiful experiences I have had and when she talks about astrology I could listen ALL day. Ambi has so much insight and knowledge but can somehow relate to everyone’s everyday experiences whatever their situation, making her, in my opinion, the most special kind human being.”

               Ana Mulvoy Ten                       Actress

               Ana Mulvoy Ten

"The light that Ambi has brought to my life is hard to explain in words. I first heard about her through a friend of mine right around my birthday and decided to get a reiki session as a gift to myself. I didn’t leave my first session with some big, immediate transformation that made me feel incredible. That is not the nature of this work. It is work. Work on yourself to help unlock your full potential and become the best version of yourself you can be, which of course is not easy. But I did leave that first session with a feeling of connection to the innate goodness inside myself. I started attending Ambi’s sound baths regularly, and while the meditations were wonderful it was really her little lectures at the start of each meeting that got me hooked. She would talk about whatever was happening in the cosmos at that time as well as a theme of either manifesting or releasing for the month ahead. She would say to think BIG, rather than realistically or methodically, with our lists. These were not goals, but simply honest assessments of yourself and what you want. It was a no pressure, clear way for me to break through all my shit and really ask myself what it is that I want in this lifetime. After a few months of soundbaths I met one-on-one with her again for a full birth chart reading. That was nuts. Not in the sense of my fortune being told or anything like that, but more of an uncovering of things I was already feeling deep inside but almost too scared of to accept. I had all these dreams and aspirations deep down that in some ways were starting to seem too idealistic to me. I was having second thoughts about the direction that my life and career was headed- self doubt. As she sat across from me, knowing me only on an acquaintance level, she read those dreams and aspirations from my chart. It finally made sense why I was feeling the way I did. That seemingly idealistic image of myself was simply the best version of who I can be, not just who I wanted to be. There was a reason for all those dreams and aspirations- it was my true potential. Through our work together she has helped me connect so much to myself, breaking down little by little all the fears and illusions I’ve adopted as parts of myself. She has helped me begin to embrace that “idealistic” version of me. I notice it in my relationships, in my work, and in my ability to manifest more and more each month. I no longer feel like I’m floating around hoping things happen “someday.” I am now taking hold of my life and manifesting my dreams while simultaneously healing the energetic wounds that hold me back. Though her light, she has helped me deeply connect with my own light, and I’ve found the reaction to be contagious."

                   Ali Yuman                       Actress

                   Ali Yuman

"Ambi’s meditations focus on consciousness and just being present. She emphasizes the positive while guiding to accept the negative. Her meditations are not only relaxing and peaceful they leave you with a recharged body and soul and new way of thinking. She is a true guider while helping to uncover your best self through manifesting what we want in life and letting go of the things that don’t serve the greater good. I have never met anyone like her. She is the absolute BEST!"

-Ash Newman


"I never knew I had a gift of a higher spirituality and I have Ambi to thank for showing me the light. Ambi you saved my life in so many ways and I thank you. And I thank you for being not only my Spiritual Angel but my friend."

-Monique Zordan


"Working with Ambi Sitham is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Hands down.”

- Patty, New York

"Now, because of Ambi’s help, I am on my way to a new career path in healing work – something I always wanted to do, but didn’t have the courage to step into."

- Philip Scalice, Jr. , New York


"Ambi is a cosmic goddess who brings such incredible love and light to all who come in her path. I highly recommend her new moon and full moon meditations, sound baths, and natal chart readings. She truly has a way with words and connecting other with their inner beings. I always look forward to these special evenings because I continually leave with a higher sense of calmness and awareness. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of finding inner peace and gratitude, but due to Ambi I am well on my way."

-Lil Newman

"Truly I have been on the search for enlightenment for decades now.  I have read just about everything you can purchase from Amazon and Barnes and Noble on positive energy, enlightenment, meditation, tapping;  you name it.  I was in a positive energy group for five years that ran the gamut from to joyful visualization to deep therapy and while I couldn’t imagine being on a different path, I always felt like I was just a little bit short of getting where I needed to go.

Then I started to notice some amazing positive changes in a dear friend, and I asked if he was doing something different?  He started to gush about this woman he’d been working with, and he described how she met with him each month and he ruefully explained that she held him to a higher standard of growth.  I demanded her number.

The rest is history.  I am on board and can’t imagine what my life will look like in a year, five years or ten.  If you’re willing to take a good hard look at where you are and where you want to go, I encourage you to leap at the good fortune that you have found this wonderful person, but if you aren’t really committed to the pursuit of  a better life, there is nowhere to hide.  Ambi has a memory that is impossible to escape.  When you want to fudge your progress, she has a wonderful laugh just before she tells you how full of it you are.  If you are brave enough Ambi will absolutely help you make sense of chaos and keep you on the path to a bigger life.  There is nowhere to go but up."

- Kerrie McIntyre